2015 Workshop: Healthy Living for Sedentary Bookies

This year Penned Con really wants to bring you panels and workshops that benefit you as a reader, casual writer, author or industry professional. Each of us know that when we hop behind a computer we zone out for hours on end and our health suffers for it so Katherine Wilburn of Roxstar Fitness is hosting the HEALTHY LIVING FOR SEDENTARY BOOKIES workshop.

This presentation will cover how to get maximum impact with minimum effort. Training techniques, menu planning, food prep etc.  I for one can’t wait for this one.  Lord knows my fitbit keeps yelling at me to get up and move!

KR wilburnKatherine Wilburn. is a US Army Veteran, Bestselling Fiction Author and Mother of Six. Once tipping the scales at 35% bodyfat, she decided enough was enough and changed her lifestyle, losing forty pounds and transforming herself from a depressed overweight woman to a nationally qualified figure athlete. She’s now devoted herself to helping others find the skin that they are most comfortable in and living healthier lives. She is currently pursuing her CPT and a Bachelors Degree in Nutrition Sciences and works with Roxstar Fitness, LLC as a Nutrition Success Coach for both competitive athletes and clients seeking general health transformations.


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