2015 Panelists Announced!

Want to start planning which panels are a must see?  Check out this fantastic lineup!

The panels are geared toward reader interests while the workshops are focused on craft and industry topics. If you are an up and coming writer we encourage you to join us in these informational sessions.

You are welcome to attend any and all sessions.

Friday 11:15-12

Panel: Why We Write What inspires authors to write despite fluctuating trends, low sales, writer’s block, social media adversity and how readers can positively impact an author’s career.

Amy Bartol, Cynthia St. Aubin, AnnaLisa Grant, Michele G. Miller and Christine Brae

Friday 11:15-12

Workshop: Healthy Living for Sedentary Bookies  How to get maximum impact with minimum effort. Training techniques, menu planning, food prep etc

KR Wilburn

Friday 12:15-1

Panel: Husbands of Authors 101 Find out what REALLY happens behind the scenes with the men who know your favorite authors best.

Husbands TBA

Friday 12:15-1

Workshop: Introduction to Ebook Publishing

Mark Coker (Smashwords)

Friday 2:30-3:30

Panel: Against the Grain Open Q&A to discuss what readers feel about killing favorite characters, happy endings, cliff hangers, bucking trends, smexy scenes, writing for shock value and more.

Eric Asher, Amber Lynn Natusch, B. Kristin McMichael, Sarah J. Pepper and Mary Ting

Friday 2:30-3:30

Workshop: Ebook Publishing Best Practices

Mark Coker (Smashwords)

Friday 3:45-4:30

Panel: Open forum Q&A with Colleen Hoover, Denise Grover Swank, Aleathea Romig and Alice Clayton

Saturday 10:45-11:30

Panel: Let’s Talk about Sex 2 Are smexy books going to become a dying breed or are they here to stay? How authors can keep the flame alive for readers.

CJ Roberts, Pepper Winters, Tabatha Vargo, Pam Godwin and TK Leigh

Saturday 10:45-11:30

Workshop: So you think you want to become a Hybrid author.  Learn the pros and cons of branching out into the traditional world with agent Italia Gandolfo of GH Literary Agency and Stacey Rourke of Anchor Group Publishing.  Discuss query letter woes, polishing your manuscript and what the traditional world is looking for today.

Saturday 11:45-12:30

Panel: Diamond in the Rough: Suggestions on how to select the book signings that are most worth attending and tips on how to create a successful event that readers and authors will want to visit again.

Colleen Hoover, Denise Grover Swank, Rick Miles from Red Coat PR and Amy Miles

Saturday 11:45-12:30

Workshop: How to hit the bestseller lists with ebook pre-orders.

Mark Coker (Smashwords)

Saturday 12:45-1:45

Panel: I See You Open Q&A about how readers discover new books, reviews, what marketing readers love most, and the online party trend that brings everyone together

Kristie Cook, Tish Thawer, Brenda Rothert, Elizabeth Isaacs and GP Ching

Saturday 12:45-1:45

Workshop: Books to Movies How to go from landing an agent to getting your book on the Big Screen and all of the steps in between.


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