Timid Monster: Using Book Trailers in your Marketing Arsenal

Timid Monster Book Trailer Workshop to round out Penned Con 2015!

Saturday 12:45-1:45pm

Authors face an increasingly noisy marketplace, saturated with giveaways, memes, and cheap swag. A concise, professionally produced book trailer is the ultimate promotional tool, which when leveraged correctly can generate a respectable return on investment. Learn the ins and outs of book trailer production, as well as what mistakes to avoid, from Timid Monster’s Dan Baker, the filmmaker behind Inger Iversen’s award-winning Few Are Angels trailer, and the highly anticipated After Light, based on Cameo Renae’s ARV-3. Don’t let your hard work be drowned out by the noise!

timid monsterDan Baker satiates his passion for learning by producing and directing films at Timid Monster. In his meager tinkerings, he has released the award-winning films “Avarice” and “John Gray,” taught multi-media production internationally, and animated the graphics for Neil Patrick Harris’ opening numbers at the 2012 and 2013 Tony Awards. Dan proudly hails from Southern New Mexico, and prefers green over red.


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