Book signing mania!

We wanted to let everyone know that we are NOT providing attendees maps of where the authors will be sitting. Things change rapidly near the end and as travel plans shift we may adjust tables to allow more room for all of you to maneuver the room. We have intermingled the authors to allow an easy flow of foot traffic.

We have a TON of great authors for you to meet so stop by and say hello, grab some free swag items from each author, enter the many fantastic giveaways going on and find new books to devour!

Most authors will be accepting cash and credit options for book sales. We do recommend if you plan to purchase several books to come prepared with rolling suitcases, bags, etc. trust me, your arms will thank you!!!

SWAG ROW will be set up just outside the signing room for you to grab promotional items from each author. Create a swag collage when you get home. Plan a book shopping spree. Stalk your fave authors. Grab signatures.

The book signing room WILL close on Friday for the lunch break. We will announce in advance but we ask that you allow the authors to leave to eat and take a break.

Snack and meal stations will be provided on the event floor for all attendees, as well as the restaurant downstairs in the lobby.

Items available will be:
Whole fruit
Granola bars
Fruit and yogurt parfait
Breakfast sandwich
Ice cream
Grandmas cookies
Soft drinks
Bottled water

For lunch they will also be providing easy hot meals to order:
Burger and chips
Chicken Tenders and chips
Garden salad
Chefs salad

Menus will be provided when you register so you can plan ahead. The restaurant downstairs will also be open and available to you. Weather permitting the sun deck will also be open for our event for seating and great views of the city.

The book signing room will be open all day both days (apart for lunch). Authors will be absent from time to time to attend panels and workshops. They will have brightly colored Gone To Panels signs to alert you.

If you have yet to join, check out our Penned Con Fan Page on Facebook for up to the minute author/reader excitement.


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