What to expect at Penned Con 2016?

A lot of readers and authors are accustomed to the traditional one-day signing where you stand in line, anxiously waiting to burst through the front doors of the room to hunt down your favorite author, all for a chance to spend a few precious moments with them before the author is forced to move on to the next person in line. The idea of a 2-day convention can be a little confusing at first so I put together a little graphic to show you what you can expect to experience while attending Penned Con 2016.


Penned Con was created as a full 2-day signing to allow you, the reader the chance to relax, hang out and visit with your fave authors. You don’t have to worry about spending so much time in one line and risk missing the opportunity to see another. A 2-day signing allows for a laid back atmosphere that, once you experience it, you will come to realize that it’s the perfect setting for all of your fangirling needs.

Join our authors in informative and hilarious panels, discover secrets of the trade in workshops, join us in reader and author interactive games, come party with us on Friday night and help us give back.




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