Only 10 more days…

10daysDid you realize that there are only 10 more days until Penned Con 2016 officially kicks off???

With the excitement building and dust being blown off suitcases, it’s time to start thinking about what you need to make this event perfect.  Here are a few tips that might help:

  1. Call your bank to make sure they know you are traveling. There is nothing more embarrassing (I’ve been there!) than to have your card declined because your bank thinks some bookworm stole your card and headed out of state to add to their library of books.  Cash will also be accepted by most authors if you prefer.
  2. Call to verify your hotel reservations and check in times.
  3. If you have ordered any author pre-orders print out a list for you to keep on hand. This makes it so much easier to remember.
  4. Make sure you grab a copy of the author seating chart from the registration desk when you arrive.
  5. Check out the schedule and plan out the panels you most want to see. It’s very easy to lose track of time while fangirling so planning ahead helps!
  6. Consider hitting up our attendee pre-registration time on Thursday evening from 6-8pm in the hotel lobby. This will help you avoid standing in a longer line Friday morning.
  7. Buy sharpies. Authors LOVE to sign stuff!  You will receive a bag when you register so you are welcome to use that to collect signatures
  8. Plan ahead for how you will cart around the books if you intend to buy more than you can carry. Wheeled suitcases, carts, and wagons are popular options.
  9.  Don’t forget to plan to participate in our reader games: Tacky Tourist Relay Race, Bring It! Trivia and our Author vs Reader Nerf war. (Bring your own Nerf gun).
  10. Come ready to party on Friday night with our Red Coat PR hosted DJ party. The dress code is casual. We will have a private bar for cash purchases.

And most importantly come ready to have FUN!! Penned Con is a laid back, hang out sort of event with many opportunities for you to fangirl, get signed books and make lasting memories.


2 thoughts on “Only 10 more days…

  1. Shirley Ferrell says:

    I have never been to this . Im very happy to be help these beautiful children. My great nephew Tubular Sclerosis which is a form of autism. Cant wait to meet you and hubby. You too are awesome. Xo see you Thursday. If there is ANYTHING i can do to help let me know.. .

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