Charity Raffle Donations

LOGO 2017It’s that time of year when we start prepping for our Penned Con Raffle donations!! YAY!!! I love seeing so many people come together for a great cause. And it’s so much fun to walk by those tables filled with goodies and hope that your ticket is called!

In the past, we’ve only opened this up to our attending authors, but this year we want to invite YOU to join in.

I’ve created a super quick and easy doc to fill out if you would like to donate. I just need to collect basic info so we know what to plan for. When you tell me what you want to donate, you can literally be as general as “Gift Card” or “gift basket”. I’ll let you work out the finer details closer to time. Every little bit helps!

All items need to be turned in to our staff the Thursday evening before the event so we have time to prep for Friday morning. If you are unable to arrive at that time, just let us know so we can plan for that.

Please know that this is completely VOLUNTARY. 100% of the money raised goes directly to our Penned Con/Action for Autism charity scholarship.

To donate:


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