2017 Author Seating Chart is live!

Our 2017 Author Seating Chart has officially gone live. Attendees will receive a printed copy at registration but feel free to print off your own copy and plot our your fangirl/fanboy experience in advance.




Would you like the opportunity to plan your author table stalking in advance? Need to get a feel for the event layout? Penned Con 2017 is taking over the top floor of the St. Louis City Center Hotel on September 29/30. With elevators centrally located and registration nearby you will find yourself right in the heart of the event. Wander past our Action for Autism Silent Auction and raffle tables for a chance to grab some great deals, including signed book bundles, gift baskets, Kindle Fires, and more. 100% of the money raised goes back to our Penned Con AFA scholarship to assist local St. Louis families in providing necessary therapy and schooling services for their children.

Join us in the City View Ballroom for our Keynote speakers, workshop presenters and party with us on Saturday night at our Casino Night awards celebration (paid Casino Night tickets required for entrance).  Just down the hall, you will find our panels rooms for a quaint hang out with the authors throughout the day. Check out what panels and workshops will be happening here.

The lovely Breckenridge and Colonnade Ballrooms will be host to our favorite authors. These rooms will offer you plenty of opportunities to discover new to you authors and hang out with the ones you already love.

Want to know where your fave authors will be sitting?

Breckenridge 2017.jpg




  1. Amy Hale
  2. A.D. Ellis/Anna Hague
  3. Christina Walker/Lichelle Slater
  4. Michele G. Miller/Mindy Hayes
  5. Alexia Purdy
  6. E.M. Lacey/ Lynn Cahoon
  7. Susan Fanetti
  8. Tiffani Lynn/ Katharina LeBoeuf
  9. Michelle N. Files
  10. Meg Welch Dendler
  11. Linda Joyce/Lynda J. Cox
  12. Shannon Bell/ Bella Bordeaux
  13. Chris Cannon
  14. BB Swann
  15. Becca Vincenza
  16. Stacey Rourke
  17. Pam Godwin
  18. CP Smith/ Jessica Cage
  19. Elizabeth Hunter/ April White
  20. Tish Thawer
  21. Sloane Howell
  22. Tonya Kappes/ Megan Kelly
  23. B. Kristin McMichael
  24. Bridget Blackwood
  25. J.L. Weil
  26. Suzie T. Roos/ Michelle Sharp
  27. Sandy Goldsworthy/ Kelly Risser
  28. Tracy Broemmer/ Kate Carley
  29. Jane Washington
  30. Kristie Cook
  31. L.A. Remenicky
  32. Brooke Williams/Bethany Adams
  33. AnnaLisa Grant
  34. Cynthia St. Aubin
  35. Char Webster/Raye Wagner
  36. Susan Garwood/ Ann Marie Frohoff
  37. Eric Asher
  38. Hildie McQueen
  39. Randi Cooley Wilson
  40. Mignon Mykel
  41. Quinn Loftis
  42. L.P. Dover
  43. Cameo Renae/ N.L. Greene
  44. Angie Fox
  45. L.G. Miles
  46. Amy Miles
  47. Danielle Bannister
  48. JD Nelson/Julie Cassar
  49. Emily R. Pearson
  50. BT Urruela/ CD Bradley
  51. Rob Somers
  52. Mae I Design
  53. Shannon Myers
  54. Bailey Ardisone
  55. Jamie McGuire

Colonnade 2017.jpg




  1. Claudia Shelton/ Melanie Jayne
  2. A. Payne/ N.D. Taylor
  3. April Wood
  4. Candace Carrabus/ T.W. Fendley
  5. Bess Sturgis
  6. Teri Riggs
  7. Michele Shriver
  8. Evelyn Lederman/ ML Guida
  9. Christine Alvarez
  10. Melanie James
  11. A. J. Culey/ Meg Farrell
  12. Savannah Verte/ Jolanthe Aleksander
  13. K Margaret/Shawnee Small
  14. Mikea Howard
  15. Rachel Carter/ R. L. Blalock
  16. Rachel Van Dyken
  17. S. J. West/ Stephanie Wallace
  18. Rachael Brownell
  19. Lyssa Lane/ Ava Danielle
  20. A.M. Hargrove
  21. Karen Lynch
  22. Ednah Walters
  23. Carrie Thomas/Linda Gilman
  24. Brandy Nacole/ D. A. Roach
  25. Ben Hale/ Chanda Hahn
  26. SF Benson/Ellie Mack
  27. Julie Wetzel/ Kay Camden
  28. John G. Hartness
  29. Shannon Nemechek/ Rachel Jones
  30. Maggie Adams/ HK Szczesiak
  31. Layla J. Omorose/ Debbie Browdy
  32. Michelle Grey/ Nadege Richards
  33. Tierney James
  34. Jennifer Lynn/
  35. Jiffy Kate
  36. P. M. Hernandez/ Victoria Noe
  37. Barb Speak
  38. Marie Meyer/ Emme Burton
  39. Renee George
  40. Suzannah Daniels
  41. KT Webb/ Tara Benham
  42. George Sirios/ CJ Anderson
  43. Victoria H. Smith/ Raven St. Pierre
  44. Jewel E. Ann
  45. Laura Hawks
  46. Liz Monroe/ Yessi Smith
  47. Nikki Jefford/ S.E. Summa
  48. Jenny Bullington/ Gretchen Dee
  49. Neeley Bratcher/Alisha Basso
  50. Brad R. Cook
  51. Betty Shreffler/ Gina Drayer
  52. Mindy Ruiz/ Michelle Areaux
  53. Jason J. Nugent/ John Smith
  54. Rosalie Stanton
  55. Kat Mizera
  56. Stephanie Hoffman McManus/ Monica Desimone
  57. Beth Carter/Shirley McCann
  58. Jacquelyn Ayres/Theresa Sederholt
  59. Teresa Gabelman
  60. Jolene Buchheit/Emily Cyr

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