2018 Reading List

Welcome to our 2018 Reading List.

We know that many of you like to try to read ahead so that you are familiar with the authors you will be meeting this year at Penned Con. With that in mind, we wanted to provide you with a go-to list for all of your stalking needs. Each author will have a single title beside their name. This is the book our authors decided was the best place for you to start if they are new to you.

*Please note that participation in this list was optional. Only the information provided to us will be included.

A. Maslo- Rite of Annarii, Book One in the Annarii Fae series

A.D. Ellis- Fight For It

AJ Anders

A.J. Culey- The Trouble with Antlers

A.K. Koonce- Hopeless Magic
A.L. Kessler- No More Black Magic
A.M. Hargrove- For the Love of English
Alison Mello- Shattered Souls
Amabel Daniels- Better Than the Best
Amber Lynn Natusch- Live Wire (Book one-Blue-Eyed Bomb series)

Amy Bartol

Amy Brewer- Texting Prince Charming
Amy Hale- Shadows of Jane
Amy Miles- Jasper
Andy Zach- Zombie Turkeys
April Wood- Outside the Mists of Time
Ariel Marie- Tiger Haven
Audrey Grey- Our Dark Stars
Ava Cuvay- Love and the Corps
B. Kristin McMichael- The Night Human Hunter
B.B. Swann- Breaking the Bro Code
Barbara Speak- Let It Be Me
Becca Vincenza- Hexed Hearts
Belinda Boring- Bittersweet Melody
Ben Hale
Bethany Adams- Soulbound
Bethany Wicker- Unexpected Alpha
Bess Sturgis- Ear Trouble
Brian K. Morris- Vulcana: Rebirth of the Champion
Bridget Blackwood- Rising Shadows
Brynn Myers- Falling Out of Focus
Carrie Thomas- Sucker for Payne
C. Freeland- The World Between the Trees
CP Smith- Wallflowers: Three of a Kind
Caia Daniels

Camille Faye- Voodoo Butterfly

Candace Carrabus- On the Buckle
Carrie Thomas- Sucker for Payne
Cathy Jackson- Yours To Love
Chanda Hahn- Lost Girl
Char Webster- Discovery
Chris Cannon- Going Down in Flames
Christine Alvarez
Christine James- The Path to Us
C.R. Jane- First Impressions
Claudette Melanson
Constance Roberts- Rising Tide: Dark Innocence
Cynthia St. Aubin- Unloveable: The Case Files of Dr. Matilda Schmidt, Paranormal Psychologist
D.A. Roach- Cross
Danielle Bannister- The ABC’s of Dee
Darlene Deluca- Something Good
Debbie Browdy
Denise Grover Swank
Dianna Love- Gray Wolf Mate: League of Gallize Shifters
E.J. Fechenda- End of the Road
E.J. Stevens- Shadow Sight
E.L. Wissmiller
E.M. Moore- Chosen By Darkness: Ravana Clan Vampires Book 1

Ellie Mack- Red Wine & Roses

Emily Cyr- Push and Pull 
Emme Burton
Eric R. Asher- Steamborn
Erin Bedford- Witching on a Star

Evelyn Lederman- Nightshade

Frost Kay- Rebel’s Blade
G.P. Ching- Wager’s Price
George Sirois- Excelsior
Gretchen Dee- A Touch of Grace
Heather Hildenbrand- Remembrance
Heather Karn- Gargoyle’s Kiss

Heather Renee- To The Falls

Iz Wissmiller
JD Nelson- Night Aberrations (Book one of the Night Aberrations series)
J.A. Culican- Keeper of Dragons, The Prince Returns

J.L. Drake- Broken

J.L. Weil- First Shift
JAS Bennet- The Three: Of the Woods
Jaci Wheeler- Silent Song
Jamie McGuire
Jane Washington
Jason Nugent- The Selection: The Forgotten Chronicles Book 1
Jaymin Eve- Dragon Marked
Jen L. Grey- Dawning Ascent
Jennnifer Davis
Jennifer Stolzer- Threadcaster
Jennifer Theriot- Relationship Resuscitation
Jennifer Vester- Chase
Jenny Bullington- Race to the Gallows
Jessica Cage- The Sphinx
Jessica Mathews- The Old Man and the Pirate Princess
John Smith- Tainted Blood
Jolanthe Aleksander- Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams~The Veil Book 1
Jolene Buchheit/JoJo Bartlett- Who’s on First Date? (Written as JoJo Bartlett)
Julie Cassar
Julie Hall- Huntress
Julie Morgan- Delta Force
Julie Trettel- One True Mate
Julie Wetzel- Kindling Flames
K. Will Wissmiller- 
K.D. Wood- Unwilling
KN Lee

K.R. Fajardo- Stalking Fate

Karen DuBose- Black Ruins Forest
Karen Lynch- Relentless
K.S. Hall- Touching Time, The Kairos Files Book One.
Kate Carley- Challenged
Katherine Bogle- Haven
Kay Camden- The Alignment
Kelly St. Clare- Fantasy of Frost
Kenny Sills- Tattoo: A Beautiful Sin
Kimberly Readnour- Second Chance Hero
Kimberly Roth- Obsidian
K.T. Strange
Krista Street- Forgotten: Book #1 of the Lost Children Trilogy
Kristie Cook- A Demon’s Promise
Kristin D. Van Risseghem- Dragon Slayers
LA Kirk

L.A. Remenicky- Invisible

L.G. Miles- The Trickster
LK Shaw- Secrets of Redemption
LeAnn Mason- Illusionary: Minefield Enforcers Book 1
Lena Mae Hill- Emerge

Leia Stone- Matefinder

Leigh Savage- Surrender to the Night

Layla J. Omorose- Eternal Light
Leigh Savage- Surrender to the Night

Lexi C. Foss- Blood Laws

Lichelle Slater- Step Right Up
Linda Joyce- Bayou Brides
Lisa Caviness- Order of Fear
Lyn Forester

Lynda J Cox- Smolder of a Slow Burn

ML Guida- Madness Unleashed
M.R. Leahy- Set Me Free
Mia Silverton- The Island
Maggie Adams- Forged in Fire
Martina McAtee- Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things
Meg Farrell- A Place to Stand
Megan Linski- Kingdom from Ashes
Melanie Deem- Stone of Hope
Melanie James- Shame of Clones
Melissa Haag- Hope(less)

Melissa Klein- Out of Sight

Meredith Wild
Michele G. Miller- After the Fall
Michelle N. Files- How I Learned To Shine Again
Michelle Areaux- Wicked Cries
Michelle Bryan- Strain of Resistance
Michelle Grey- Dangerous Ally
Michelle Lynn- Prophecy of Darkness
Mindy Hayes- Love in A Major (Backroads Duet 1)
Nadege Richards- Asylum 54.0
Nancy Byers- Unlikely Heroes
Nicole Kelley- Demi Heiress
Nikki Hunter-

Nikki Jefford- Wolf Hollow

Nina Walker- Prism
Pam Godwin- Dark Notes
Patty Carothers- Texting Prince Charming
Quinn Arthurs- Born of Embers
Rachel Renee- Instincts: Savannah PD Series
Raye Wagner- Blood Oath
Rebecca Jaycox- The Other Inheritance
Renee George- You’ve Got Tail
Robin Burks- Zeus, Inc.
S. Van Horne- One More Time
S.E. Summa- Much of Madness
SF Benson- Delivering Sin (writing as Nadirah Foxx)
Scarlett Dawn- Trigger (Origin, #1)
Sandra Maue
Sandy Goldsworthy- Aftermath
Savannah Verte- Gravedigger
Sela Carsen- Magic’s Song: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story
Shannon Myers- Operation Fit-ish
Shannon Nemechek- Warranted Pleasures
Stacey Rourke
Stephanie Walston
Steven L Smithen- Book of Souls
Sue Harmeling- The Guardians
Susan Boles- Death of a Wolfman
Susan Burdorf- Old Wounds
Susan Fanetti- Crash
Susan Faw- Seer of Souls
T.A. Roth- Say Something
T. M. Grinsley- Nerdboobs
Tabetha Waite- Why the Earl is After the Girl
Tara Benham- Unapologetically Me
Teri Polen- The Gemini Connection
Teri Riggs- Forever Paradise
Theresa Hissong- Talon (Rise of the Pride, Book 1)
Tish Thawer- Handler
Tracy Broemmer- The Kiss-Off
Tricia L. Sanders- Murder is a Dirty Business
V.A. Dold- SETH
Zachary Chopchinski- Webley and The World Machine
Zizi Cole- Sweet Nightmares