Author Lineup

Want to see who will be signing at Penned Con 2018?

*Please note this list is subject to change as author’s schedules shift closer to time. Please check back to make sure your favorite authors will still be attending*


A.D. Ellis is an Indiana girl, born and raised. She spends much of her time in central Indiana teaching alternative education in the inner city of Indianapolis, being a mom to two amazing school-aged children, and laughing at a precocious cat. A lot of her time is also devoted to phone call avoidance and her hatred of cooking. She loves chocolate, wine, pizza, and naps along with reading and writing romance. These loves don’t leave much time for housework, much to the chagrin of her husband of nearly two decades. Who would pick cleaning the house over a nap or a good book? She uses any extra time to increase her fluency in sarcasm.



A.J. Culey is a teacher, world traveler and writer. She is a fan of books, bunnies and cats. If wrangling cats and bunnies were a sporting event, she’d be an Olympic gold medalist. Sadly, it is not. A.J. can be found on her website at, on Facebook and on Twitter and Instagram @ajculey.


A.K. Koonce is a mom by day and a fantasy and paranormal romance author by night. She keeps the fantastical stories in her mind on an endless loop, while she tries her best to focus on her actual life and not that of the spectacular but demanding fictional characters who always fill her thoughts.


A.L. Kessler is the author of the best-selling series Here Witchy Witchy. She resides in Colorado with her family and pets. Her addiction to coffee and chocolate fuels her creativity to bring her readers wonderful stories.


One day on her way home from work as a sales manager, USA Today bestselling author, A.M. Hargrove, realized her life was on fast-forward. If she didn’t do something soon, it would be too late to write that novel she had dreamt of her whole life. She slammed on the brakes, made a crazy decision, and quit her job. Then she reinvented herself as a Naughty and Nice Romance Author. She fancies herself all of the following: Reader, Writer, Dark Chocolate Lover, Ice Cream Worshipper, Coffee Drinker, Grey Goose Aficionado, and #WalterThePuppy Lover. If you’re around her for more than five minutes, you’ll soon notice she has a tendency to talk your ear off.



Alison started writing a little over two years ago when she fell back in love with reading. She enjoyed reading as a child and found her passion for it again in 2011 when E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey was released. Her love of reading was re-ignited and she continued reading other books in the same genre. In the summer of 2015, she decided to give writing a try and two weeks later Finding Love was born. As soon as she finished the first book, she began writing the second book in the series. Her third book was finished by the time Finding Love had been accepted for publication. Alison discovered she has a passion for writing and has spent the last two years meeting new readers and sharing the love she has for writing. She currently has sixteen books released with more on the way. Married to her own real life hero, Alison lives with her amazing family in Florida where she recently relocated to enjoy the warmer weather. Born and raised in Massachusetts she grew up with cold snowy winters and finally had enough. She loves having her own personal inspiration right at home and when she’s not writing she enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and football with her son.


Amabel Daniels lives in Northwest Ohio with her patient husband, adventurous toddlers, smiley baby, and a collection of too many cats and dogs. Although she holds a Master’s degree in Ecology, her true love is finding a good book. When she isn’t spending time outdoors, or wondering how to negotiate with her mightily independent two-year-old daughter, she’s busy brewing up her next novel, usually as she lets her mind run off with the addictive words of “what if…”



Amy A. Bartol is the award-winning and USA Today bestselling author of the Premonition Series, the Kricket Series, and a short story entitled The Divided. She lives in Michigan with her husband and two sons. Visit her at her website:


Patty Carothers and Amy Brewer are hometown St. Louis friends who share a passion for reading, writing, and raising children. With six teenagers between them, they are steeped in a world of angst and drama. They have focused their teen expertise into writing with authentic teen voice. They are currently working on the Texting Prince Charming series. Chocolate, hot tea and long phone calls see these busy moms through writing and taxiing their kids all over their respective towns.


Since childhood, best-selling and award-winning author Amy Hale has been creating exceptional stories that summon a whirlwind of emotions and inspiration unto the reader. She loves creating characters and worlds from nothing but her imagination and a few glasses of wine. For the last couple of decades, she’s also carried the titles of Laundry Goddess, Chef, Butt Wiper, Soother of Temper Tantrums, and in more recent years, Moderator of Sarcastic Eyerolls and Sass. She resides in Illinois with her husband, as well as two grown children who claim they are never moving out. Regardless, they are the center of her universe, although her cat believes otherwise.


Amy Miles is the author of 25 novels, including her bestselling YA books, The Arotas Series. She is co-Founder of Red Coat PR and co-Founder of Penned Con. Amy is an urban homesteader, weekend golfer, and netflix binge addict who lives with her husband and son in South Carolina.


With his first book, “Zombie Turkeys” Andy blazed new ground in paranormal humor. The second book in his Life After Life Chronicles, “My Undead Mother-in-law” expanded his comic universe. Andy’s third book, “Paranormal Privateer” goes out of this world, launching May 2018. Andy Zach was born Anastasius Zacharias, in Greece. His parents were both zombies. Growing up, he loved animals of all kinds. After moving to the United States as a child, in high school, he won a science fair by bringing toads back from suspended animation. Before turning to fiction, Andy published his Ph.D. thesis “Methods of Revivification for Various Species of the Kingdom Animalia” in the prestigious JAPM, Journal of Paranormal Medicine. Andy, in addition to being the foremost expert on paranormal animals, enjoys breeding phoenixes. He lives in Illinois with his five phoenixes.


AnnaLisa is the author of action, mystery, young adult, and new adult romance. Her YA romance, The Lake Series, has sold over a million copies worldwide.


I am a disabled Army veteran living in Missouri with my husband. I have five dogs and sever chickens. We live the quiet life on our little farm. My writing started five years ago. I love writing almost as much as I love traveling.


Ariel Marie is an author who loves the paranormal, action and hot steamy romance. She combines all three in each and every one of her stories. For as long as she can remember, she has loved vampires, shifters and every creature you can think of. This even rolls over into her favorite movies! She loves a good action-packed thriller! Throw a touch of the supernatural world in it and she’s hooked!


Audrey Grey is an award winning and USA Today bestselling author of several books, including the Moonbeam Children’s Award bronze finalist, SHADOW FALL. She lives in the charming state of Oklahoma with her crew: one husband, two little people, four mischievous dogs, and one poor cat. You can usually find her hiding out in her office from said crew, surrounded by books and sipping kombucha while dreaming up wondrous worlds for her characters to live in.


Ava Cuvay resides in central Indiana with a hubby who makes her laugh and kiddos who are growing up way too quickly. She enjoys the world of wine and spirits, amusement park thrill rides, and laughing at her own foibles (yeah, she laughs a lot). She believes life is too short to surround yourself with negative people, and Han Solo shot first. When not writing, Ava is thinking about writing. Or wine. And she’s always thinking about bacon.


USA Today Bestselling Author B. Kristin McMichael writes YA and clean NA paranormal fiction. B. Kristin graduated with her PhD in biology at Ohio State where she worked as a scientist before taking her passion of writing full-time. Besides writing, she enjoys chasing her kids, playing outside, and baking cookies. She lives in Ohio with her husband and three children.


B.B. Swann is a mother of three young adults, a wife (of another big kid but don’t tell him she said that), and a 20+ year veteran teacher of little firsties. She has all the age groups covered and draws on their influence when writing her books. Picture book, young adult, new adult, and beyond, they all have one thing in common—life experiences, both the good and the challenging. Originally from Winthrop Harbor, Illinois (go ahead, look it up, it’s a real place) she now resides in an Illinois suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. Go Cards! is her new chant but Bear Down will always rule her heart. She loves to run, binge watch Netflix health documentaries, and talk to her three kids when they have a minute to spare. Most nights you can find her reading or writing into the wee hours. She believes in the almighty power of caffeine and battling old age with purple hair and lots of sarcasm.


I started out as an Avid Reader and continued into becoming a writer from the heart. When the words come so effortlessly, I know they need to be shared.


Becca Vincenza lives in *wonderful* Michigan. She has a love for candy, Star Wars, and reading. When she’s not wearing her author hat, she’s working to pay off her student loans for her English degree.


A homesick Aussie living amongst the cactus and mountains of Arizona, Belinda Boring is a self proclaimed addict of romance and all things swoon worthy. It wasn’t long before she began writing, pouring her imagination and creativity into the stories she dreams. Whether urban fantasy, paranormal romance or romance in general, Belinda strives to share great plots with heart and characters that you can’t help but connect with. Of course, she wouldn’t be Belinda without adding heroes she hopes will curl your toes. Surrounded by a supportive cast of family, friends and the man she gives her heart and soul to, Belinda is living the good life. Happy reading!


As an avid snowboarder from Utah, Ben grew up with a passion for learning. This thirst for knowledge led him to sports, music, and academic endeavors. After a year of college, he did volunteer work in Brazil and became fluent in three languages. Graduating from the University of Central Florida, he started and ran several successful businesses before publishing his first novel in June of 2012. Now spanning 5 series, 18 titles, and 10,000 years, The Chronicles of Lumineia represents a sprawling YA series that has sold over 150,000 copies, and continues to expand its readership across all ages. Each of his books has been inspired by his wonderful wife and six beautiful children.



Ever since finding a copy of The Hero and the Crown in her elementary school library, Bethany has loved fantasy. After subjecting her friends to stories scrawled in notebooks during study breaks all through high school, she decided to pursue an English degree at Middle Tennessee State University. When not writing or wrangling her two small children, Bethany enjoys reading, photography, and video games.


Bethany Wicker is a wife, mother, author, and avid coffee drinker who weaves tales of fantasy and paranormal romance. She enjoys meeting people who loves books as much as she does.


Bess Sturgis (Ghouliana Stories) is a professional storyteller and author. As Ghouliana Stories, she writes and tells original “Not Too Scary Tales” designed to thrill and delight but not frighten readers and listeners of all ages. She also appears as “The Fairy Grandmother” to tell sweet little tales of kindness and friendship. When not in storytelling costume, Mrs. Sturgis is a professional artist, instructor and lecturer. She delights in sharing her knowledge of art, science, culture and history with children 12 and under at museums, libraries, art facilities and schools throughout the Human World. Her children’s novel, “Ghouliana Stories’ The Shoe Troll” debuted in July 2014. The second novel in the series, “Ghouliana Stories’ The Gift”, was released in August 2015. Her stand-alone book “Ear Trouble” was released in 2017. “Fairy Grandmother Tales” and “Piccolata” are scheduled for release in 2018.


Brian K. Morris, a full-time writer, “award winning” playwright, and actor, has sold books on three continents. His work ranges from contemporary fantasy to action/adventure to horror to non-fiction to humor with an emphasis on strong female characters and high-concept. He lives in Central Indiana with his wife, no kids, no pets, and too many comic books.


Bridget lives in Dallas, Tx with her family and a menagerie of pets. Her books are Paranormal Romance (World in Shadows series) and the upcoming contemporary romance series, Logan Ranch. She starting writing because the characters in her head wouldn’t stop talking. They are very persistent she tells their stories.





C Freeland is a debut author, whose first book released in June of 2017. While her first book, The Word Between the Trees, is a fantasy novel, her works in progress range from Sci-fi to comedy/action/adventure. C Freeland lives in sunny Arizona with her husband, 4 kids and 3 dogs


CP Smith writes humorous, ooey-gooey romantic suspense with OTT alphas, insta-love, and LOTS of dead bodies! She believes books should be about escape rather than reality. Ms. Smith writes what she likes to read and leaves the rest to those with better imaginations. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband and five children.


Camille Faye loves learning about other cultures, which is good since she married an Indian man from Malaysia. (On a side note, Southeast Asia is a long plane ride with two kids in tow). Camille’s award-winning novel, Voodoo Butterfly, is inspired by her experiences growing up in a haunted house and her travels to 27 countries and counting! Read an excerpt of Voodoo Butterfly at:


Multi-published author of stories filled with powerful women, mystery, adventure, romance, and fantasy, all infused with the love and spirituality of horses and other animals.


I am a Midwestern Christian mother of three teenagers and a precocious twelve-year-old. Reading is a passion of mine, but I adore writing. Some of the best people have been placed in my life to help me publish my books. It is my goal as an Author to write scenes that uplift and encourage along with making one feel the experience. I want readers to finish the books feeling hope, love, and happiness.


Chanda Hahn is a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author. She uses her experience as a children’s pastor, children’s librarian and bookseller to write compelling and popular fiction for teens. She was born in Seattle, WA, grew up in Nebraska and currently resides in Wisconsin with her husband, and their twin children.


Char Webster weaves suspense, mystery, romance and humor into all of her books. She strives to make the paranormal world fit perfectly into real life, where anything could be possible. Reading and getting lost in a story have always been Char Webster’s favorite things to do. She has also had a love for writing, which led her to her daytime career in public relations and marketing. After years of writing for others, Char decided to write something for herself. The Gifted Series fulfills a lifelong dream of creating a world where people can escape reality for a little while. Char Webster loves living in South Jersey because she feels like it is in the center of everything.


Chris Cannon is the award-winning author of the Going Down In Flames series and the Boyfriend Chronicles. She lives in Southern Illinois with her husband and several furry beasts. She believes coffee is the Elixir of Life. Most evenings after work, you can find her sucking down caffeine and writing fire-breathing paranormal adventures or romantic comedies. You can find her online at



Christine lives in rural Missouri with her husband two sons, cats, dogs, birds, and fish. When she’s not snorkeling in a pot of coffee or creating fantastical worlds, she is baking specialty cakes. In 2013, when her youngest son was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum disorder) she became an advocate for Autism awareness.



Claudette Melanson writes dark fantasy, horror and children’s books in Kitchener, Ontario with seven bun babies at her side: Tegan, Pepper, Butters, Beckett, Sansa, Daenerys & Caramel. She graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a BA in English, BS in English Education and an MA in Literature. Harboring a deep admiration of vampires since the age of five left her with the desire to eventually become one, and now fuels the creation of her favorite paranormal characters. She hopes to one day work full time as an author, since there are many, many stories playing out inside her head.


Constance Roberts is a retired flight attendant who turned in her wings to stay at home with her adventurous daughter and to write. She and her husband live in St. Louis, Missouri where they spend the weekends playing board games with friends. She spends way too much time photographing book covers and posting on Instagram. She is currently working on three titles at once, and has big plans for another fantasy series.


USA Today bestselling author Cynthia St. Aubin wrote her first play at age eight and made her brothers perform it for the admission price of gum wrappers. A steal, considering she provided the wrappers in advance. She never quite gave up on the writing thing, even while earning a mostly useless master’s degree in art history and taking her turn as a cube monkey in the corporate warren. Because the voices in her head kept talking to her, and they discourage drinking at work, she started writing mysteries instead. When she’s not standing in front of the fridge eating cheese, she’s hard at work figuring out which mythological, art historical, or paranormal friends to play with next.


D.A. Roach is a USA Today Bestselling author who has been telling stories since she was a young girl in the suburbs of Chicago. D.A. did not find a love for books until after college. Her parents were immigrants from Lithuania and found tv and radio easier ways to hear stories so they did not do much reading or encourage it. But once she finished college and D.A. had free time, she discovered how amazing it was to get lost in a story.


Danielle Bannister lives with her two children in Midcoast Maine along with her precious coffee pot and peppermint mocha creamer. She holds a BA in Theatre from the University of Southern Maine and her Master’s degree in Literary Education from the University of Orono. Her writing includes: Netherworld with author Amy Miles, The Twin Flames Trilogy: Pulled, Pulled Back, and Pulled Back Again, The ABC’s of Dee, Enigma, and Doppelganger.


Darlene Deluca writes contemporary romance and women’s fiction, and likes to explore relationships – what brings people together or keeps them apart. Her intent is to bring to life interesting characters that readers can relate to in real-life situations that combine a little fun, plenty of drama (with perhaps a tear or two), and big helpings of friendship, love and self-discovery, and will leave you either cheering or sighing with a satisfied smile as you turn the final page. The Kansas City author currently has seven published novels. With a degree in Journalism, she started her career as a newspaper reporter. When writing, she almost always has a cup of tea and a bit of dark chocolate nearby!




New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Denise Grover Swank has released over thirty novels and novellas and has sold over two million books. She writes mysteries with romance, humorous romance, light-hearted young adult romance, and urban fantasy. She lives in Blue Springs, Missouri with her three naughty dogs and six imaginative children.

You can find out more about Denise at


New York Times bestseller Dianna Love once dangled over a hundred feet in the air to create unusual marketing projects for Fortune 500 companies. After winning the prestigious RITA® award with her first book, she now writes high-octane urban fantasy, romantic thrillers and young adult. In addition to her bestselling Belador urban fantasy series, Dianna recently launched a new line of paranormal romance stories with League of Gallize Shifters, which is unlike any other shifter series. Look for her books in print, e-book and audio (most). On the rare occasions Dianna is out of her writing cave, she tours the country on her BMW motorcycle searching for new story locations. Dianna lives in the Atlanta, GA area with her husband who is a motorcycle instructor and with a tank full of unruly saltwater critters. Visit to learn more.


E.J. Fechenda has lived in Philadelphia, Phoenix and now calls Portland, Maine home. She is the author of The New Mafia Trilogy and in addition to working on the Ghost Stories Trilogy, she’s a contributing author for the Havenwood Falls series. She has a degree in Journalism from Temple University and her short stories have been published in Suspense Magazine and several anthologies. E.J. is a member of the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance.


E.J. Stevens is the bestselling, award-winning author of the IVY GRANGER PSYCHIC DETECTIVE urban fantasy series, the SPIRIT GUIDE young adult series, the HUNTERS’ GUILD urban fantasy series, and the WHITECHAPEL PARANORMAL SOCIETY Victorian Gothic horror series. She is known for filling pages with quirky characters, bloodsucking vampires, psychotic faeries, and snarky, kick-butt heroines. Her novels are available worldwide in multiple languages.


Aspiring fantasy/paranormal author.


Eliot Parker is the author of four thriller novels, including his most recent thriller novel, Code for Murder. He has received the West Virginia Literary Merit Award for his novels and has been a finalist for the Southern Book Prize in thriller writing. He is a teacher consultant with the National Writing Project and currently teaches writing and literature at Mountwest Community and Technical College in Huntington, West Virginia.


Ellie Mack received her BS in cartography from Southeast Missouri State University. Since leaving the corporate world for the title of Mom, she has pursued her writing dreams. Presently, Ellie charts unmapped territory through her fiction and humor writing. Ellie started off as a columnist writing a weekly column which received a lot of attention. She lives near St. Louis, Missouri with her husband and their adult daughters. Ellie is a breast cancer survivor, determined to share healthy knowledge with others to live strong! When she’s not writing she can be found bullet journaling, crocheting, or cooking.


Emily Cyr is a stay-at-home mom turned writer. She holds a degree in middle grades education with certification in English and social science. She has always had a love of all things paranormal and fantasy, but it wasn’t until Emily’s husband said the words, “Why not?” that she considered putting her thoughts and ideas into the book, The Lightning Prophecy. This trilogy was just the start for Emily. It seemed to open a creative door that had been locked.





When Evelyn Lederman retired from her career as an insurance executive, she cheerfully anticipated the freedom to finally spend as much time reading as she’d always wanted. The twist in her story came when as-yet unwritten characters started cropping up in her thoughts, asking her to tell their stories. Now, she spends her days in Florida on the beach…with her laptop.


USA Today Bestselling Author Frost Kay is a certified bookdragon with an excessive TBR, and a shoe obsession. Her goals in life include: Eating a five pound bag of skittles in one sitting, creating worlds that sweep you away and leave you dazed, and preventing the cat from laying on top of her laptop.


G.P. Ching is a USA Today bestselling author of science fiction and fantasy novels for young adults and not-so-young adults. She bakes wicked cookies, is commonly believed to be raised by wolves, and thinks both the ocean and the North Woods hold magical healing powers. G.P.’s idea of the perfect day involves several cups of coffee and a heavy dose of nature. She splits her time between central Illinois and Hilton Head Island with her husband, two children, and a Brittany spaniel named Jack, who is always ready for the next adventure. Learn more about G.P. Ching and her work at


George Sirois has yearned to be a storyteller all his life, no matter the medium. That drive first led him to drawing his own characters while in grade school, and eventually writing about them in various short stories and screenplays before moving on to novels such as “Excelsior,” “Ever Upward: Part Two in The Excelsior Journey,” and the five-part serial “From Parts Unknown.” He is a regular contributor to Write Pack Radio, and was named President of the Missouri Writers Guild in 2017. After living in New York City and Richmond, Virginia, George, his wife, their beautiful daughter, and their two dogs now happily call St. Louis, Missouri their home. In his spare time, George is an avid cinephile, a collector of film scores, and a lifelong fan of the New York Giants. He enjoys West Coast Swing dancing, and is currently pursuing voiceover / audiobook work.


I was born and raised in and around Houston, TX. I have worked so many different jobs but one of my favorites has been at a bookstore! I never planned on writing a book, but I am so glad I did! I love reading and writing YA!! I wrote stories that I would want to read! They are full of love and adventure, heartache and grief.


Heather Hildenbrand was born and raised in a small town in northern Virginia where she was homeschooled through high school. (She’s only slightly socially awkward as a result.) She writes paranormal and contemporary romance with plenty of abs and angst. Her most frequent hobbies are riding motorcycles and avoiding killer slugs. You can find out more about Heather and her books at


Heather is a chocolate addicted, Christmas loving, non-spontaneous author of YA Paranormal Romance and sweet holiday romances. When her day job isn’t keeping her busy, she can be found playing with her Pomeranian, sitting at her laptop writing, or contemplating what to bake next (as long as there’s chocolate in it). Though she was born and raised in Michigan, Heather now resides in Wisconsin enjoying the snowy winters while staying indoors and writing while it snows. Her mind is always in a far off place, so who knows where her next writing adventure will lead!


Heather Renee is an award winning indie author that lives in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest in Oregon. She writes Young Adult books that have a mixture of adventure, humor and a little romance.


Aspiring young adult author/graphic artist.


J.A. Culican is a USA Today Bestselling author of the middle grade fantasy series Keeper of Dragons. Her first novel in the fictional series catapulted a trajectory of titles and awards, including top selling author on the USA Today bestsellers list and Amazon, and a rightfully earned spot as an international best seller. Additional accolades include Best Fantasy Book of 2016, Runner-up in Reality Bites Book Awards, and 1st place for Best Coming of Age Book from the Indie book Awards.



J. L. Drake was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, later moving to Southern California where she now lives with her husband and two children.


USA TODAY Bestselling author J.L. Weil lives in Illinois where she writes Teen & New Adult Paranormal Romances about spunky, smart mouth girls who always wind up in dire situations. For every sassy girl, there is an equally mouthwatering, overprotective guy. Of course, there is lots of kissing. And stuff.



Jaci Wheeler lives in Central Valley of California with her husband and two precious kids.When she’s not writing she is advocating for Autism Awareness and involved in the deaf community.She loves to indulge in her favorite addictions: Coffee, candy and shoes.





JAS Bennet is a collaboration of three best friends. Though they live far apart, whenever they are together, shenanigans ensue. Their main goal in life is to finance the nursing home they will all end up in together. They each have two ungrateful children, so they are on their own… please, buy their books. Eventually, they will ride off into the sunset on their motorized scooters, without helmets, because YOLO.


Jason Nugent was born in Cleveland, OH in 1974. He moved to rural Southern Illinois in 1992 and lives there today with his wife, son, and mini-zoo of three cats and two dogs. He’s the author of three collections of dark fiction short stories and the young adult scifi series “The Forgotten Chronicles.”


Jaymin Eve is a USA Today bestselling author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and sci-fi novels that will take you on adventures, make you laugh, and always have a guaranteed happily ever after.


Jen L. Grey is a new fantasy/paranormal author with a coffee and book addiction. She grew up with a love of books from fairy tales to Nancy Drew and is still an avid reader. As a wife, mother of two and an Australian Shepherd, she stays busy but always loves to hear from her fans.


Jennifer Stolzer is an author and illustrator living and working in St. Louis, MO. She graduated from Webster University with a degree in digital media and animation and uses this skill set to create bright and engaging characters. Her illustration company, Jennifer Stolzer Illustration, has served the St. Louis area and its authors for six years. You can see samples of her work at or on facebook under Jennifer Stolzer Illustration. Jennifer is also secretary for the St. Louis Writer’s Guild and head of their critique group program.



Jennifer Vester is a romance author whose ambition is to entertain readers with quirky, off-beat female characters and the men that love them. Her work is infused with raunchy humor and suspense, while exploring relationships from the female perspective. Characters are often facing difficulties in life and love.


Ever since she was a little girl on a farm in rural Iowa, Jenny Bullington’s heart has been filled with wanderlust and adventure. She started writing at an early age, and has never stopped. After exploring Italy, Ethiopia, and South Korea, Bullington’s desire to transport others to those places and to raise awareness of important humanitarian and social issues takes hold in her writings. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Iowa State University and her Master’s Degree from Pacific Oaks College. In her spare time, Bullington enjoys teaching as an adjunct college professor, writes parenting and child development columns for a taekwondo kids program, advocates against domestic violence and human trafficking, and is passionate about social justice. She’s recently been featured as a storyteller at Ode, an Iowa organization that promotes positive impact through empathy. Her adventures never stop as she raises her five small children with her beloved husband, Branden, in the Midwest.


Jessica Cage is an International Award Winning, and USA Today Best Selling Author. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, writing has always been a passion for her. She dabbles in artistic creations of all sorts but at the end of the day, it’s the pen that her hand itches to hold. Jessica had never considered following her dream to be a writer because she was told far too often “There is no money in writing.” So she chose the path most often traveled. During pregnancy she asked herself an important question. How would she be able to inspire her unborn son to follow his dreams and reach for the stars, if she never had the guts to do it herself? Jessica decided to take a risk and unleash the plethora of characters and their crazy adventurous worlds that had previously existed only in her mind, into the realm of readers. She did this with hopes to inspire not only her son but herself. Inviting the world to tag along on her journey to become the writer she has always wanted to be. She hopes to continue writing and bringing her signature Caged Fantasies to readers everywhere.


Jessica Mathews began writing picture books for children at a young age. Her father would write down all of the stories she told him. Jessica likes to continue the tradition of making up stories for children starting with her debut picture book, The Old Man and the Pirate Princess. Jessica wants to be able to work with schools, libraries and after care programs to help children discover their love of reading, writing and creating. She wants her books to inspire others as much as her favorite books inspired her when she was growing up.


John was born in East St. Louis, Illinois in 1946 and has traveled the United States. As a child he had an active imagination and wrote stories to occupy his time. He received a journalism degree in 1971. He served twenty-five years in the military, completing his tour as an award winning journalist in the Air Force Reserve. After military retirement, he bought a Harley and became a regular contributor to a variety of local publications in California and international magazines. He has currently published two books of short stories, an anthology and his first Novel. He is currently working on two additional novels.


Author of The Veil Series and a fairytale retelling, Breathe Me to Life, featured in the Once Upon a a Twisted Time, Jolanthe is a proud Marine Corps Brat who writes romance with a touch of magic. When not working, writing, or keeping up with her son, Jolanthe can be found scouring antique shops, used bookstores, and of course, reading.


At work, Jolene spends her days in high school classrooms and hallways harvesting material for her novels. She is always willing to discuss vital issues like which is the best peanut butter or whether Katniss should have ended up with Gale or Peeta. Personally, she is committed to helping teenagers become independent adults and helping them find a way to focus on the positive especially when life gets hard. At home, Jolene loves to cuddle with her husband, two kids, three cats, and a dog—sometimes all at once—while reading books or repeatedly watching movies based on them.



Julie Hall is a USA Today bestselling YA fantasy author and 1st place winner of the 2012 Women of Faith national writing contest. She was also was awarded “Best Debut Author” at the 2017 Ozarks Indie Book Festival. Before writing her first novel Julie worked as a film publicist and rubbed elbows with the rich and famous . . . as in she would gently nudge them to let them know their meal had arrived during press interviews. She now spends most of her “office hours” with her two furry writing buddies. Her daughter thinks that mommy’s superpower is “sleeping all day,” but that’s because she’s often awake until the wee hours of the morning weaving tales of adventure in worlds of her own creation.


Hailing from Burleson, Texas, Julie Morgan grew up in the country with big tractors and bonfire parties. She now resides in sunny Central Florida with her husband and daughter where she writes paranormal romance, contemporary romance (rock & roll, military), and dabbles in fantasy.


Julie Trettel is author of the Compounders and Westin Pack Series, a full time Systems Administrator, wife, and mother of 4 awesome kids. She resides in Richmond, VA and can often be found writing on the sidelines of a football field or swimming pool. She comes from a long line of story tellers. Writing has always been a stress reliever and escape for her to manage the crazy demands of juggling time and schedules between work and an active family of six. In her “free time,” she enjoys traveling, reading, outdoor activities, and spending time with family and friends.


Originally from Ohio, Julie always dreamed of a job in science. Either shooting for the stars or delving into the mysteries of volcanoes. But, life never leads where you expect. In 2011, she started writing stories to entertain her sister, deployed with the US Navy. Julie currently lives in Mississippi with her husband and son. She’s a bit of a factotum that’s currently acting as a full-time author and part-time R/C mechanic.


Aspiring autobiographical author


Author of paranormal new adult love stories and contemporary erotic romance, consumer of chocolate but not spiders and completely composed of liquid awesome.



K.R. Fajardo lives in deep in the piney woods of East Texas. She loves chocolate, Dr. Pepper, 80’s music, and anything paranormal. Her favorite way to unwind after a long, hard day is to kick up her feet and immerse herself into the fantastical world of a good book. It is this passion for reading that eventually lead her to pursue her longtime dream of writing and in 2013, after a year of hard work, she self-published her first book K The Awakening. A year later its sequel Linked was released. Spurred on by the out pouring of support she has received from friends, family, and complete strangers, K.R. looks forward to continuing to share her fantastical stories with readers around the world.


Fantasy/Paranormal romance new adult author. I live in a small town in East Tennessee with my husband and 5 furbabies. I love vampire diaries and cheese puffs oh and white monsters (the drink).


When she is not writing, Karen Lynch can be found reading or baking. A native of Newfoundland, Canada, she currently lives near Charlotte, North Carolina with her cats and two crazy lovable German Shepherds: Rudy and Sophie.




Kate was born and raised in Minnesota. She’ll admit that she took a meandering path to get to the point of published indie author, including a short stint in the IT world and a really long stint as a home schooling mom. Now that her four kids are off writing their own adventures, Kate is free to drift along in her own fictional world, plotting the rise and fall of her characters. Her first series, Changing Krysset, was published in 2016, and now Kate has got some new steamy contemporary romance stories in the works.


Katherine Bogle’s debut young adult novel, Haven, came second in the World’s Best Story contest 2015. She currently resides in Saint John, New Brunswick with her partner in crime, and plethora of cats.


Kay Camden is equal parts writer, reader, and metalhead, who believes the best stories are love stories and all heroes must have a cool car. She writes twisty plots with smart heroines, haunted heroes, ancient feuds, forbidden love, magic, and revenge. She lives with her husband, two children, and three cats in the middle of the U.S.A. next to a big river. Other interests include learning the Irish language and listening to a lot of EBM/industrial/synthpop electronica and dark/progressive/hardcore metal the only way those types of music are meant to be played: LOUD.


When Kelly St Clare is not reading or writing, she is lost in her latest reverie. The Tainted Accords was her debut series, and her second series, The After Trilogy, is now available. A New Zealander in origin and in heart, Kelly currently resides in Australia with her husband, a great group of friends, and some huntsman spiders who love to come inside when it rains. Their love is not returned.


Kenny Sills was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He attended South East Missouri State University where he studied Creative Writing as well as Philosophy and Theology. During his free time in college he began studying martial arts. After graduation, Kenny relocated to Houston, Texas where he spent five years furthering his martial arts education. In 1999 while on a family vacation to Disney World in Florida, he met his future wife Syndi, and moved back to St. Louis. Once again back home, he became a martial arts instructor to children and young adults with both physical and mental disabilities. Today Kenny is the owner of the Ohana Martial Arts studio, which is located in St. Charles, MO. where he is “Sifu” (teacher) to individuals with and without disabilities.


Kimberly Readnour lives in the Midwest with her husband, two children, and a very fluffy cat. Her award-winning young adult series spent weeks on Amazon’s teen & young adult mysteries bestselling list. She is better known for her new adult/ sports romance series.




Krista Street is a Minnesota native but has lived throughout the U.S. and in another country or two. She loves to travel, read, and spend time in the great outdoors. When not writing, Krista is either chasing her children, spending time with her husband and friends, sipping a cup of tea, or enjoying the hidden gems of beauty that Minnesota has to offer.


Kristie Cook is a lifelong, award-winning writer in various genres, primarily New Adult paranormal romance and contemporary fantasy. Her internationally bestselling Soul Savers Series includes seven books, as well as several companion novellas and short stories. Over 1.2 million Soul Savers books have been downloaded, hitting Amazon’s, B&’s, and Apple’s Top 100 Paid lists. She has also written The Book of Phoenix trilogy, a New Adult paranormal romance series that includes The Space Between, The Space Beyond, and The Space Within. The full trilogy is available now. Kristie also created, writes in, and publishes Havenwood Falls, a shared world with multiple series, dozens of authors, and countless stories.


USA Today bestseller, Amazon bestseller, and award-winning young adult author, Kristin D. Van Risseghem grew up in a small town along the Mississippi River with her parents and older sister. Currently, she lives in Minnesota with her husband and a Calico cat named Daizy. Kristin also loves attending book clubs, going shopping, and hanging out with friends. She has come to realize that she absolutely has an addiction to purses and shoes. They are her weakness and probably has way too many of both. In the summer months, Kristin can usually be found lounging on her boat, drinking an ice cold something. Being an avid reader of YA and Women’s Literature stories, she still finds time to read a ton of books in-between writing. And in the winter months, her main goal is to stay warm from the Minnesota cold! Kristin’s books are published by Kasian Publishing LLC.



L.A. Remenicky is a wife and mother of two fur kids. An avid reader all her life, she finally put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) during NaNoWriMo in 2012 and has never looked back. When she’s not typing away on her latest story with music playing in the background, she can usually be found spending time with her family and friends.


L.G. Miles is a fifth-grade student who loves all things Minecraft, Goosebumps and monster movies. The Trickster is his debut novel.


LK Shaw is a physical therapist assistant by day and writer/social media addict by night. She resides in South Carolina with her high maintenance beagle mix dog, Miss P, who should probably just have her own Instagram account. An avid reader since childhood, she became hooked on historical romance novels in high school. She now reads, and loves, all romance sub-genres, with erotic romance and romantic suspense being her favorite. LK enjoys traveling and chocolate. Her books feature hot alpha heroes and the strong women they love. Her books combine romantic suspense and BDSM.


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author L. P. Dover is a southern belle living in North Carolina with her husband and two beautiful girls. Before she began her literary journey, she worked in periodontics, enjoying the wonderment of dental surgeries. Dover has written countless novels, including her Forever Fae series, the Second Chances series, the Gloves Off series, the Armed & Dangerous series, the Royal Shifters series, the Society X series, the Circle of Justice series, and her standalone novel Love, Lies, and Deception. Her favorite genre to read and write is romantic suspense, but if she got to choose a setting in which to live, it would be with her faeries in the Land of the Fae.



Layla J. Omorose is a graduate of John Jay College with a B.A in English and has two Shiba Inus. When she is not working on her next project she is busy with her day job as a Paralegal and enjoys doing various DIY projects.


Leia Stone is the USA Today bestselling author of the Matefinder series which is optioned for film. She writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance with sassy kick-butt heroines and irresistible love interests. She lives in Arizona with her irresistible husband and sassy kick-butt children.


Leigh Savage lives in Saint Louis, MO with her husband and two children. Leigh is best known for her paranormal erotic romance Saint Louisville Vampire Serise. Leigh currently has 7 published adult titles and 2 childern books under the name Carrie Lea Williams.


Lexi C. Foss is a writer lost in the IT world. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and their furry children. When not writing, she’s busy crossing items off her travel bucket list. Many of the places she’s visited can be seen in her writing, including the mythical world of Hydria which is based on Hydra in the Greek islands. She’s quirky, consumes way too much coffee, and loves to swim.



Amazon Best Selling author and multiple RONE Award Finalist Linda Joyce writes contemporary romance and women’s fiction featuring assertive females and the men who can’t resist them. She lives with her very patient husband in a house in metro-Atlanta run by a fifteen-year-old canine named General Beauregard or “Beau,” who believes they are his pets. Linda’s a closet artist who paints with a brush, yet longs to finger paint…but hates getting her hands messy. She’s addicted to Cajun food and sushi. Linda will deny she only leaves the house once a week and only then to get criticism from two other authors.


As a lifelong reader of an eclectic pool of books from mystery/thrillers, science fiction, contemporary romance, and the classics, Lisa Caviness has never been without a book on the nightstand and a long to-be-read list. Like many writers, she started crafting stories as a child. However, as an adult, creativity took a back seat to her career in pharmaceutical and medical device research. In 2013, Lisa decided to get serious about writing and joined Romance Writers of America (Crossroads Romance Writers, Indiana RWA, and Kiss of Death Chapters) and later Sisters in Crime (Speed City Chapter). In addition to her quest to develop interesting characters, thrilling plots, and compelling stories, Lisa is a busy wife and mom.



Lynda J Cox was born and raised on Chicago’s south side, into a family of staunch White Sox fans and Democratic Party bosses…and much to their consternation, she is not a White Sox fan and she refuses to discuss politics. (Some things are much better left unsaid.) She also grew up with a steady diet of syndicated Western television shows, John Wayne movies, and the Sunday night staple of Lassie. She blames those television shows and movies for her lifelong love of the American West and Collies. If she can’t live on a ranch in the Old West, Cox writes about those rugged men and the women strong enough to love them. Three of her four published novels have received 4.5 or 5 stars from InD’Tale and all have been described as an authentic blend of the Old West and real life romance.


Award Winning Author M.L. Guida loves the paranormal. Even when she was four years old, she would watch the soap opera, Dark Shadows, and fell in love with vampires! Who wouldn’t want a bite on the neck? But she didn’t stop there. Witches, dragons, angels, and demons are sprinkled throughout her books. Today, she continues to love the preternatural and watches Supernatural, Paranormal Survivor, and A Haunting. Like Dean Winchester, she loves to write alpha males who aren’t afraid to face the forces of evil.


Ever since she can remember M.R. Leahy has been an avid reader. It wasn’t until her husband convinced her that she could be an author did she pursue her dream and write her first book. Living in sunny California with her husband and two boys, M.R. Leahy spends her days singing to Mickey mouse and kissing booboos all while delving into the dark world that is her books.


Mia Silverton is a St. Louis born, contemporary women’s fiction and romance author. As a writer, she feels called to help change lives in a different way — by crafting dynamic stories. She promises to bring worlds full of strong characters, witty fun dialogue filled with heroes and heat. She strongly believes that we can all find happiness, sanctuary and even healing in a beautifully written book. Many times in the past, a well crafted phrase, word or story created a shift in her when the time was needed and she feels called to pay that forward. Mia loves to interact with her readers and you can connect with her on FB, Instagram, Twitter or visit at Make sure to stay up to date with the latest and greatest news by joining Mia’s Silver Pen Tribe on her website.


Maggie Adams is an Amazon Best Selling romance author. Her first book in the Tempered Steel Series, Whistlin’ Dixie, debuted in Amazon’s Top 100 for Women’s Fiction, humor, on November 2014. Since then, she has consistently made the Amazon best seller 5-star list with her Tempered Steel Series. Her series has launched the tiny town of Grafton, Illinois, into International recognition with sales in Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and the UK. She also writes erotica (Lustful Trilogy), paranormal romance (The Leathers Series), young adult romance (Sweet Tea Sisters), and women’s fiction (Minx).


Martina McAtee is a USA Today Bestselling Author and the winner of the 2016 Reader’s Favorite Gold Medal for her first book, Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things. She lives in Jupiter, Florida with her teenage daughters, her best friend, two attack Chihuahuas, and two shady looking cats. By day she is a registered nurse, but by night she writes young adult books about reapers, zombies, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures. She wrote her first story when she was five with an orange crayon on a legal pad she stole from her mom’s office. She’s been writing ever since.



Megan Linski is the USA TODAY Bestselling Author of the Shifter Prophecy, the Kingdom Saga, the Rhodi Saga, and co-author of the Creatures of the Lands series.


Melanie L. Deem loves her family more than life itself. When she is not playing hide-n-seek with her two boys, you can find a cup of coffee in one hand and a book in the other. The scariest thing she has ever done is become a Driver Education Instructor.


NYT and USA Today bestselling author, Melanie James writes steamy paranormal romances, paranormal comedy, and contemporary romance books. Her laugh-out-loud romantic comedies will keep you coming back for each new book in a series and her erotic contemporary romances will have you reaching for the ice. With over 25 books to choose from, you are sure to find many additions to your romance library. Melanie is married to a wonderful man who supports her dreams and goals. She has two children, three step-children, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and an adorable grand-baby.


Melissa Klein writes contemporary romance about everyday heroes fighting extraordinary battles. Whether facing the demands of caring for a child with special needs or the struggles of a soldier returning home, her characters take on the challenges life throws at them with perseverance, courage, and humor. Her favorite work-avoidance devices are gardening and reading. While she won Georgia Romance Writers Unpublished Maggie award and Rose City Romance Writers Golden Rose award, she still hopes to win the lottery. If she does, she’ll buy a huge farm in north Georgia and convince her children to live next door. Until that time, she lives in Atlanta with her husband, who puts up with frozen dinners with the words are flowing.



Meredith Wild is a #1 New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author. After publishing her debut novel Hardwired in September 2013, Wild used her ten years of experience as a tech entrepreneur to push the boundaries of her “self-published” status, becoming stocked in brick-and-mortar bookstore chains nationwide and forging relationships with the major retailers.

In 2014, Wild founded her own imprint, Waterhouse Press, under which she hit No. 1 on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers lists. She has been featured on CBS This Morning, The Today Show, the New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Publishers Weekly, and The Examiner. Her foreign rights have been sold in over 22 languages.

Find out more about what projects she’s working on next at


Michele writes novels with fairy tale love for everyday life. Romance is central to her plots where the genres range from Coming of Age Fantasy and Realistic Fiction to New Adult Romantic Suspense. She is the author of the bestselling From The Wreckage series and co-wrote the Paper Planes series with author Mindy Hayes.


Michelle Areaux is a wife, mother, and fantasy author. Her love for great stories and coffee is what drives her writing journey. Be sure to find her on social media or Goodreads.


Michelle Bryan is a USA Today Bestselling author. She resides in Nova Scotia, Canada with her three favorite guys; her hubby, son, and fur baby, Garbage. She is a huge fan of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, and never misses an episode. She also believes every day should consist of reading, writing, chocolate, and coffee-not necessarily in that order. Author of The New Bloods Trilogy and The Bixby Series. You can find out more about her books by visiting her website at or follow her on Goodreads or Facebook.


Michelle N. Files was born and raised in wild, wonderful West Virginia. While her first passion is accounting, not long into adulthood, Michelle rediscovered her love of books and with it the joy and fulfillment of writing her own stories. After the sudden loss of her husband in 2013, she found healing and restoration in chronicling her own personal journey through grief and with it the calling to pen motivational faith based non fiction. She spends her time combining her love of numbers and words by teaching accounting at local colleges and through her writing of both fictional and real life stories of life, love, and friendship, or as she puts it weaving tales of always and forever. When she’s not teaching or writing, you’ll find her reading, hanging with her furry children, or out and about on adventures with family and friends.


Michelle Grey had always thought that someday she would take up her pen and write romantic suspense. In 2009, she was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer, and she realized that “somedays” aren’t guaranteed. This life changing event motivated Michelle to pursue her dream of becoming an author. Now a cancer survivor, she has published four romantic suspense novels, and uses her platform to promote awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms. Michelle lives in the Midwest with her husband of thirty-one years and has four amazing and unique children, a wonderful son-in-law, and three beautiful grandchildren. Michelle believes that any day that involves family, writing, or reading is a great day, indeed.


M. Lynn has a brain that won’t seem to quiet down, forcing her into many different genres to suit her various sides. Under the name Michelle Lynn, she writes romance and dystopian as well as upcoming fantasies. Running on Diet Coke and toddler hugs, she sleeps little – not due to overworking or important tasks – but only because she refuses to come back from the worlds in the books she reads. Reading, writing, aunting … repeat.


Monica lives in northern New Jersey with her three dogs; Sam, Reilly and Steeler. Raised by a football coach in the heart of Texas, football is a passion that is deeply rooted. Introduced to Nora Roberts and romance books by her mother at the age of thirteen, she spawned a lifetime love affair with books, all things romance and happily ever afters. Outside of writing, you will find Monica in her backyard enjoying time with her “boys”, family, friends, and a really good Dirty Martini.


Nadège (pronounced nuh-dej) Richards is the author of the Bleeding Heart Series and the Bionics Saga and currently attends Temple University for her BA in journalism.


Did you ever want to be a wizard or some other magical being? I think that is one of the main reasons that got me into reading at an early age. Books such as The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, Wrinkle in Time and Sweet Dreams teenage romances filled my childhood. I wasn’t surprised when romance and paranormal genres drew me in as an author. Of course, when I’m not writing I moonlight as a superhero relocation specialist. You may call me Chameleon. I help all types of magical beings as well as superheroes “disappear” if they get into trouble in our world. Now I’m trusting you with my secret don’t blow my “secret identity”.


Nicole Kelley is a multi-genre romance author. She released her debut paranormal romance series in 2018, along with several anthologies. She was born and raised in TN, where she currently resides with her husband and three kids. Being an avid reader she never planned to write until the daydreams in her head needed an outlet. She focuses her writing on giving readers an escape from the ordinary and mundane with an element of soul stirring romance. Behind this creativity is a love of coffee, dark chocolate, popcorn and private car karaoke.



Nikki Jefford is a third-generation Alaskan now living in the Pacific Northwest with her French husband and their Westie, Cosmo. When she’s not reading or writing she enjoys nature, walking, and motorcycling. Nikki is the author of the Wolf Hollow Shifters series, Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter series, and the Spellbound Trilogy.


Nina is the young adult romantic fantasy author of The Color Alchemist series. Her debut novel, Prism, released in 2017 to critical acclaim and went on to sell thousands of copies. She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband, two children, and three fur-babies.



Patty Carothers and Amy Brewer are hometown St. Louis friends who share a passion for reading, writing, and raising children. With six teenagers between them, they are steeped in a world of angst and drama. They have focused their teen expertise into writing with authentic teen voice. They are currently working on the Texting Prince Charming series. Chocolate, hot tea and long phone calls see these busy moms through writing and taxiing their kids all over their respective towns.



Her love of reading romance novels prompted award-winning author Rachel Jones to write her first contemporary romance manuscript at age fifty-seven. She loves composing stories about strong women and sweet romance. Her books reflect her love of the performing arts and a twenty-eight-year career in healthcare has influenced the threads of medical drama woven into her storylines. When she’s not writing or working, Rachel enjoys traveling, sewing and music. She lives northwest of Atlanta, Georgia with her husband of forty years. They have three adult children and one spoiled Labrador retriever.


Rachel Renee, born and raised in and around Cincinnati, Ohio, finds herself residing with her family in the suburb of Loveland. After completing a degree in psychology and racking up thousands of dollars in debt, she decided to become a stay at home mom and homeschool her children, all the while working on her writing career. While she is not using her degree in the secular world she uses it on a daily basis, psychoanalyzing her husband of 14 years and two children (9 and 7), her 2 dogs, 3 cats and her life as a writer and teacher. Just like Rachel enjoys reading books from many different genres, she also enjoys writing different genres as well. Her first release being a contemporary romance, Untangling Rose. Rachel’s other two books are part of her Savannah PD series; detective/mystery/thrillers, titled Instincts and Human Nature. Stay tuned as Rachel continues her journey!


Randi Cooley Wilson is the bestselling author of The Revelation Series, The Royal Protector Academy Novels, The Dark Soul Trilogy, “Covetousness” a Havenwood Falls Novella, and “Inamorata” a Havenwood Falls High Novella. She resides in Massachusetts with her husband and daughter.



Rebecca Jaycox grew up in the tiny town of Berryman, which borders the Mark Twain National Forest and the Courtois River about 70 miles south of St. Louis. The beautiful landscape fed her imagination, and she began writing stories at age 10 and never stopped. Always seeking adventure, Rebecca moved to France after she graduated college with a journalism degree to teach English at a French high school. Bitten by the travel bug, she has visited Italy, Greece, Austria, Spain, and Istanbul. Rebecca now lives in New York City with her husband, Gregory. She enjoys reading and writing fantasy, urban fantasy, steampunk, and science fiction. She is the author of The Other Inheritance and The Other Queen.


USA Today Bestselling Author, Renee George writes paranormal mysteries and romances because she loves all things whodunit, Otherworldly, and weird. Also, she wishes her pittie, the adorable Kona, could talk. Or at least be more like Scooby-Doo and help her unmask villains at the haunted house up the street. When she’s not writing about mystery-solving werecougars or the adventures of a hapless psychic living among shapeshifters, she dons her superhero cape and rescues kittens. Okay, the kitten totally showed up one day and suddenly she’s got a new pet named Simon. She lives in Missouri with her family and spends her non-writing time doing really cool stuff…like watching TV and cleaning up dog poop.


Robin Burks is an entertainment and science/technology writer, published author, avid con-goer and cosplayer. She has written about pop culture and entertainment for Screen Rant, The Things and Robin is also the author of a series of speculative fiction novels: Zeus, Inc.; The Curse of Hekate; and Return of The Titans. In 2014, Indie Reader named the protagonist of that series, Alex Grosjean, as one of its Top Five Smart, Strong and Relatable Female Characters. Robin, who currently lives in Missouri with her five cats, loves all things French and has a serious obsession with Doctor Who.


S. Van Horne was born and raised in the small town of Belton, Missouri, which is a part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. She’s from a very large family and is the oldest of six. Growing up, she didn’t have the easiest life. She learned quickly that family means everything, even if it’s the type that you get to pick for yourself. She met the love of her life at the early age of twenty and was married just after nine months of meeting him. Shortly after marriage, her husband rejoined the U.S. Navy and they moved from Kansas City and started their journey together. Currently they have two amazing children, a boy and a girl, and are still enjoying the Navy life. She spends her days being a wife, mom, reading books, writing her latest novel, watching her beloved Kansas City Chiefs or Kansas City Royals, watching movies, hanging out with family and friends and having girls day at least once a month.


Nocturnal author, designer/formatter, lover of all things strange and unusual, and proud winner of the “Most Enthusiastic” superlative in the sixth grade. Growing up in Nashville, she always felt the city’s unique culture and landmarks would be the perfect setting for monsters to play. She writes Southern Paranormal and Gothic Horror, YA Science Fiction, and Fantasy.


A native of Detroit, Michigan and a graduate of Western Michigan University, SF has fed her creative brain through a variety of jobs from customer service to working with animals. Although the work title has changed, one thing remained true—her desire to be a writer. As a kid she could often be found writing stories or with a book in her hand. It didn’t matter where the location, SF could be found reading (even at the beach). She prefers writing stories which answer the “what if” question in life. Her protagonists are strong and diverse set in post-apocalyptic or paranormal worlds.


Before finding domestic bliss in suburbia, S.T. Bende lived in Manhattan Beach (where she became overly fond of Peet’s Coffee) and Europe… where she became overly fond of McVitie’s cookies. Her love of Scandinavian culture and a very patient Norwegian teacher inspired her YA Norse fantasy series’ (Elsker Saga, Ære Saga, and Night War Saga). And her love of a galaxy far, far away inspired her to write children’s books for Star Wars. She hopes her characters make you smile, and she dreams of skiing on Jotunheim and Hoth.


Sandy is a freelance fiction editor and writer specializing in dark fictional content. Her skills have been honed over 17 years of editing, writing and critiquing. For a detailed list of her work check out her website.


Sandy Goldsworthy is a YA author of the paranormal romance series, The Afterworld Saga. She credits her writing inspiration to her high school English teacher who encouraged her to be more descriptive in her work. Sandy resides in southeastern Wisconsin. Learn more at


A lifelong lover of words and reading, Savannah Verte hasn’t quite figured out what she wants to write when she grows up. Born and raised in the upper Midwest, Savannah’s gypsy spirit and never quit attitude keep her busy and seldom idle. For so many reasons, Savannah considers herself a ‘Vagabond’ when it comes to writing and hopes others find her diverse offerings as enjoyable to read as they are to create. Lime green is her color, the rhinoceros is her logo & philosophy, and she’s completely mad about seeing new authors try.


Sela Carsen was born into a traveling family, then married a military man to continue her wandering lifestyle. With her husband of 20+ years, their two teens, her mother, the dogs, and the cat, she’s finally (temporarily) settled in the Midwest. Between bouts of packing and unpacking, she writes paranormal and sci-fi romances, with or without dead bodies. Your pick.


Shannon is a born and raised Texan. She grew up inventing clever stories, usually to get herself out of trouble. Her mother was not amused. In junior high, she began writing fractured fairy tales from the villain’s point of view and that was the moment she knew that she was going to use her powers for evil instead of good. In 2003, she moved to Denver and met the love of her life. After some relentless stalking and a few well-timed sarcastic remarks, the man eventually gave in to her charms and wifed her so hard. Not only does Shannon enjoy stalking people, she also has a fondness for being stalked. Visit her at to keep up with her latest schemes and shenanigans.


Shannon grew up in Macomb, IL where she graduated from High School in 1987 and soon after joined the US Army. Shannon served from 1987 to 2015 during Operation Desert Storm and during Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. In April 2015 Shannon retired from the US Army with 23 years of service as a Unit Supply Sergeant. She is a mother of 4 children and a grandma to 2 beautiful Grand-daughters. She has been married 24 years to her husband, Ken. They reside in Staunton, IL a small town along Old Route 66


USA Today Bestselling Author of a dozen books in four series, “Sophie Davis” is in fact a pseudonym for two best friends, roommates, and now writing partners. The pair met at the Dickinson School of Law and instantly bonded over their love of great books and bad horror movies. After they graduated, when one longed for the ability to read minds so she wouldn’t have to study for the bar exam, a Saga was born. When the Talented Saga went on to be an internationally bestselling series, the girls decided to throw caution to the wind and follow their shared life-long dream of being writers.



Steven L. Smithen was born in Cherry Point, NC. Growing up a military brat he has lived all over the USA ending up in Jacksonville, FL. Graduating from Baldwin Jr. Sr. High School in 1988. Joining the USAF shortly after high school and serving for 5 years. After separating from the USAF he became a commercial truck driver. Now he is living in Rochester, NH with his wife Lori. Steven grew up with a vivid imagination reading all things fantasy. Enjoying J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Terry Goodkind, etc… When not reading he could always be found rolling dice playing Dungeons & Dragons where he got his first real taste of writing by creating the adventures for the group of adventurers that his friends would play.


Sue Harmeling grew up, and currently lives, across the river from Cincinnati, OH, with her husband, Steven. Even when she was little she had a pencil in her hand, writing down potential story ideas. Her ideas for her series The Guardians all began when she was sixteen years old. Whether it be reading or writing she was always thinking about new ideas, or about how other authors created the books they wrote.



Susan Burdorf is a lover of all things sparkly and hot chocolate (with lots of whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles). Susan lives near Nashville, TN where she is often found hiking and taking pictures. Being owned by four cats also takes up much of her time.


Susan Fanetti was born and raised in the Midwest–Missouri, to be precise. A few years ago, she was transplanted into the dusty soil of Northern California and has apparently taken root there. An inveterate geek and gamer, she is a fan of many things considered pop culture and maybe even lowbrow.


Susan’s love of stories began before she could read or write. Her earliest childhood memories are of a make believe game she played with her sister, creating epic stories inspired by a picture chosen at random from a National Geographic magazine. Susan is an award winning author (Dante Rossetti Grand Prize for best Young Adult Fiction, 2016 – Chanticleer Reviews) for her debut young adult fantasy novel, Seer Of Souls. She loves to bring new worlds and fantasy adventures to young adults and inspire them to join her on her make believe journeys.



T.M. Grinsley was born and raised in Washington State. Married to an army veteran, new mother to a beautiful daughter, she does everything in her power to give back to the men and woman who bravely served in the armed forces. When she isn’t cooking meals, sending care packagers, or beating the soldiers at video games, you will find her exploring the great outdoors with her family.


Tabetha is a Missouri native and award winning, historical romance author. Her debut novel, “Why the Earl is After the Girl” won the 2017 BIBA in romance and made the Top 20 list for 2017 at Harlie’s Book Blog. Her husband and two daughters are her biggest support team and she has some of the best readers around! She encourages you to connect with her on any social media site and join her website mailing list for updates!


Teri Polen reads and watches horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, and anything Marvel-related are likely to cause fangirl delirium. She lives in Bowling Green, KY with her husband, sons, and black cat. Her first novel, Sarah, a YA horror/thriller, was a horror finalist in the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Her second novel, The Gemini Connection, a YA sci-fi/fantasy, is scheduled for publication in early 2018.


I write romantic suspense, historic romantic suspense, and romantic comedy…all heat levels. I live in Marietta, Georgia with my husband. After 41 years together, I think I’ve got the happily-ever-after thing down pat! 2018 will be my third Penned Con. I’d love to meet you in September.




Bestselling and Award Winning Author, Tish Thawer, writes paranormal romances for all ages. From her first paranormal cartoon, Isis, to the Twilight phenomenon, myth, magic, and superpowers have always held a special place in her heart. Known for her detailed world-building and magic-laced stories, Tish has received several RONE Award nominations (Reward of Novel Excellence) and nominations for Author of the Year, as well as nominations and wins for Best Cover and Reader’s Choice awards.


Tracy is the author of the Lorelei Bluffs women’s fiction series, the Williams Legacy, and several stand-alone women’s fiction novels. She also writes contemporary romance as well.


Tricia L. Sanders writes about women with class, sass, and a touch of kickass. A former instructional designer and corporate trainer, she traded in curriculum writing for novel writing, because she hates bullet points and loves to make stuff up. And fiction is more fun than training guides and lesson plans.


V.A. Dold is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Award-winning Le Beau Series, League of Guardians, and K.I.S.S series.


Zach is a bow tie wearing, formal vest rocking, pocket watch using, sarcastic monster of a writer. Currently residing in Orlando, Florida, he spends his days working, writing and procrastinating. Coupled with being an award winning author of Young Adult Fiction, Zach spends his days trying not to kill himself with lethal levels of caffeine. Zach is the author of the Gabrielle series, a young adult fantasy with a paranormal-historical-time traveling twist (try saying that five times fast), and Webley and The World Machine, a Steampunk adventure with snarky yet loveable characters.


Zizi was born in Kirksville, Missouri in 1985. She lived there most of her youth, until she moved to Brookfield in 2001. She attended college and obtained her Associate’s of Applied Science degree in Early Childhood. She later went back to college and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources. Zizi resides in a small town in Missouri with her two boys and cat. When Zizi isn’t writing, she likes to spend time with her boys and reading.



Author Seating Chart

Would you like the opportunity to plan your author table stalking in advance? Need to get a feel for the event layout? Penned Con 2018 is taking over the top floor of the St. Louis City Center Hotel on September 20-22nd. With elevators centrally located and registration nearby you will find yourself right in the … Continue reading Author Seating Chart

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      We will be adding all information about our 2017 event after this weekends event. You can get info on it now at eventbrite under penned con 2017

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