2017 Event Schedule

Thursday Sept 28th

6-8pm Author Set up/Pre-Registration

8-10pm VIP/Author Pajama Party and games

Friday Sept 29th

7-7:30am Yoga with Cynthia St. Aubin

8:30-9:30am Registration/VIP signing

9-10am Book Boyfriends Calendar Signing (Keynote room)

10-11am Opening/Keynote with Rachel Van Dyken

11am Signing Room opens

11-12 St. Louis Writerโ€™s Guild Presentation

12-1pm Workshop: Jasinda Wilder Big Girls Do it Running Q&A

12-1pm Author Panel: How to support your fave authors

1-2:30pm Lunch

2:30 Signing room opens

3-4pm Workshop: Smashwords Ten Industry Trends

3-4pm Author Not so Newlywed Game

6pm Signing Room Closes/ Raffle winners drawn in Keynote room

6:30-7:30 Havenwood Falls Meet & Greet (Atrium B)

8-11pm Red Coat PR Party

Saturday Sept 30th

8:30-10am Attendee Registration

8:15-9:00 Workshop: Courage of Writing

9-9:45 Workshop: Choosing a path to publication

9-10am Book Boyfriends Calendar Signing

10-11am Keynote with Jamie McGuire

11am Signing room opens

12-1pm Workshop: Launch your Audiobook into the world

12-1pm Author Panel: How to write helpful reviews

1-2:30 Lunch

2:30 Signing Room opens

3-4pm Workshop: Smashwords Beta Readers

3-4pm Author Panel: Q&A with Jamie McGuire and Rachel Van Dyken

5pm Signing room closes/Author Tear Down/Raffle winners announced in Keynote room

8-11pm Casino Night Awards Party



25 thoughts on “Schedule

    • Amy Miles says:

      Hi, as of right now all of the ables are sold out. We are allowing authors to be placed on a waiting list just in case someones travel plan have to change

    • Amy Miles says:

      The awards ceremony will be an event held on Saturday evening to celebrate the authors attending penned con. We will have categories for the authors to participate in and the attendees will have a chance prior to the event to vote for the winners.
      We will have a “red carpet” banner for people to take pictures in front of as well beforehand. Most people will dress up and make it a special occasion.

  1. michelle says:

    is there a time frame authors will be signing from? what if a fan wants more than one author to sign will there be separate lines for each author and will the fan have enough time to get multiple authors signatures>

    • Amy Miles says:

      Hi Elle, our list is rotating. As we have tables come available they appear on our eventbrite page as available. I know of at least one that should be opening up real soon so click on the eventbrite link under the ticket tab and you’ll be able to see what we have.

    • Amy Miles says:

      Hi Tracy, I’m so sorry that I only just now seeing this message. It wasn’t approve for some reason. You are welcome to come as a blogger. Nothing official is needed. Just you ๐Ÿ™‚

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