“I had a blast and loved how family friendly it was. It’s no wonder you have people chasing you down. I need to go check my calendar and get my stuff filled out for next year.”

~ Author Sloane Howell

Rick & Amy thank you for a very fun event! And bravo for raising awareness and funds to help all these amazing children and adults.

Penned Con peeps – you all are fabulous!”

~Author Heidi McLaughlin

“Penned Con is truly the highlight of my year! From the very first year I was blown away by the level of excellence with which Rick and Amy Miles executed this event. They are consistently conscientious of the little things, like closing the signing room during lunch so no one missing a single moment meeting authors and readers. As an author, I am truly blessed by the sense of community Penned Con has. From the panels and breakout sessions, to the way in which Penned Con staff interact with authors and readers, there is an atmosphere of community that fosters growth as an author and encourages readers to explore new authors.

And, of course, meeting my readers is a phenomenal experience that will never get old! Most of all, being a part of Penned Con means being a part of something bigger. With all the proceeds from the event going to Action For Autism, it’s amazing to know we are all a part of changing the lives of families who desperately need services for their autistic child. Without these scholarships, who knows what the future of these children might be. It’s an honor and a joy to be a part of Penned Con!”

~Author AnnaLisa Grant

“Best Signing ever. I was SOLD out of 4 titles by 10:10 on Saturday and the last title by 11:45. I had to open up a Google Form to take more orders. Just an extraordinary event.”

~ Author Emme Burton

“It is not easy to trust people as so many “event organizers” put on very poor quality events or just skip the event altogether (and there are many, many, many out there doing spectacular ones too), so when you find one where the organizers want to create a community, it is hard to say enough good things about them. It boils down to TRUST. Trust that the event will be quality, that everyone who participates is treated fairly and equally without favoritism, and that the money spent for the event is equal to the benefit provided… Penned Con does this. Thank you for caring enough about the Indie community to provide us a safe place to go to bring our work to the public.”

“There is no one who works harder to make this event a success than you two. Thank you, Amy and Rick and Landon, for making this a “must do” event for authors and fans. I truly appreciate your touches everywhere, from the way you cuddle your authors, to the way you provide quality information. I am usually behind the table, but this year got to experience the event from the other side of the table, and as I wandered around the room hugging and greeting old friends and new, I was not shocked to hear everyone making plans for next year. Absolutely so glad I made the 9 hour round trip to see the magic you presented.”

~ Author Susan Burdorf

“I have been attending Penned Con since its beginning in 2014. I met some amazing authors and friends that first year and kept in touch via FB. Then an awesome thing happens in 2015 and I meet new authors and make new friends. To see them again year after year is like a family reunion. Just when I think it can’t get any better in 2016, it does. Amy and Rick Miles have outdone themselves yet again. Another epic year !! Wonderful friendships renewed and new ones born. Memories made to last a lifetime. Not only did all of that make my heart swell, add in the charity Action for Autism which is why Penned Con all came about in the first place. Being able to participate in raising money for such a great cause, to see the children you’ve helped get a scholarship, well it makes it swell even bigger.”

~Attendee Debbie Cooper

“Thank you for an amazing weekend. This was my first year and definitely won’t be my last. I had so much fun meeting new authors and spending time with the ones who have become friends. And as a reader I would say I did pretty good, even though there is so many more amazing books I wish I had gotten. Again thank you everyone for a wonderful weekend.”

~Attendee Jessica Ann Clements

“Penned Con 2016 is in my opinion the best year yet!!! I met so many new people and made so many new friends this year. What I love most about Penned Con is how much the readers and authors really do come together like a big family and spend time together. Without everyone we would never have made over $10,000 again this year so thank you!!!”

~Volunteer Nikki Bunch

“It’s really hard for me to describe how much I loved this event. I appreciate all the hard work Rick, Amy, and the volunteers put into making Penned Con run so smoothly. It’s always fun and informative. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful book family! I love seeing old friends and making new ones. I’m already looking forward to next year!”

~Author Amy Hale

“I am a firm believer in the mission and the reputation of Red Coat PR and the value they place on serving their authors, readers and charities. What a beautiful coupling that is for anyone in the “book” industry. This weekend was more than I probably could have hoped. I love seeing authors that I <cough> stalk either at events or online and then meeting others. Rick Miles and Amy Miles made PC seem like a family reunion with me being the 3rd cousin who only knows peeps on mom’s side of the family lol. Not once was there mention about cost or expenses of the event. All I heard was “It’s for charity” and that made me swipe my card a gazillion times and buy tons of raffle tickets and I’d do it over again and again. Everything about Penned was A++ and I will forever be grateful to have been a part as a reader, fan, blogger, reviewer, sponsor and supporter. Here’s to many more opportunities to make a difference in the lives of those with Autism!”

~Attendee Jocqueline Prothro

“This was my first event to attend, I only found out about it a few weeks ago. Everyone was so wonderful, beginning with a group of ladies in the parking lot until we walked out the door! I met so many amazing new people and I’m pretty sure my TBR exploded a little. My 7 year old (who has autism) loves all the (appropriate) swag and wanted to wear one of the temporary tattoos to school today. Thanks to everyone for being so approachable and taking the time with the readers! I can’t wait until next year!”

~Attendee Cathy Brister

“I had a fabulous time at Penned Con this year. It was my first year at the event and I am looking forward to next year. I met some awesome new to me readers and authors, and got to reconnect with others though I didn’t get to fangirl as much as I had planned, there was just not enough hours in the day.”

~Author Jolanthe Aleksander

“This has become an annual event that my friends and family plan for! I absolutely adore the opportunity to meet these authors who are visibly excited to share their work! Every year, I find a new book boyfriend, girl power crush, or villain to despise thanks to this awesome weekend. The fact that all event proceeds go towards a local charity is icing on the bookworm cake”

~Attendee Jamie Fradelos

“We come every year and it just keeps keeping better! Love the cause tremendously and the fun is off the charts!”

~Attendee Misti Shook

“I was invited by an author, just by chance, to the first Penned Con in 2014. I had a really amazing time meeting authors, whose books I had read, and those who were completely new to me. I decided that I needed-NEEDED-to go back the next year. And I did-in 2015 and 2016, as well. And what strikes me every year is how smoothly everything goes and how Rick and Amy, although having a young child there and Amy, her own books to sell, seem utterly in control.

The best part of all of this is that everyone becomes a community by the end of the weekend and we all know that we are doing this, ultimately, for a bigger reason. Because we all believe in the cause. We want to help Rick and Amy-in any way possible-cut Action for Autism the biggest check possible and help as many children with their therapy as we can. How could any other event even compare with that?”

~Attendee Shannon Keith

“Penned Con 2016 was amazing! RIck and Amy Miles have the event well organized and well planned. There is something for everyone! This was my first time as an author, but the second Penned that I’ve attended. The one thing I didn’t like in attending as an author is that I didn’t get to visit all the cool authors. Maybe that’s a good thing though, it saved me from embarrassment of fangirling. Loved the panels, the keynote speakers were as different as night and day but both were great. Got to connect with fellow authors an meet with readers! Isn’t that what it’s all about?”

~Author Ellie Mack

“Fantastic job, Amy and Rick Miles!! I don’t know how you get your arms around this huge event and wrangle all of the authors, readers, and bloggers. Take a bow!! I really enjoyed my first Penned Con and loved meeting new readers and fellow authors. I especially like the fact that proceeds are donated to the autism charity. Well done. Thank you!!”

~Author Beth Carter

“I had a wonderful time at PennedCon 2016! The keynotes were amazing and I loved meeting the authors! They were so wonderful. I’ve never met such a wonderful, nice group of people! So many memories were made.

This was my first year and actually the coolest thing I have ever done. I plan on attending every year! Thank you Rick and Amy for putting this together and for such a heartwarming cause. You are the best!”

~Attendee Elizabeth Stufflebean

“Home from an amazing weekend, spent with some of the most inspiring people I have ever met! It’s SO hard to pick which book I wanted to read first but I finally did! Can’t wait to see who is going to be at next year. Why must Penned Con 2017 be so far away?!?”

~Attendee Joy Lowe

“Penned Con was amazing!! Huge thanks to Rick Miles and Amy Miles for all your hard work. So many fabulous memories! I’m already looking forward to next year!”

~Author Raye Wagner

“I just want to say what a pleasure it was to be able to bring my kids so they could see what mommy’s work is like.

Mind you they think it is nerf gun wars and “trick or treat” style fun lol… as you can see, my son got a good haul.

Thank you Rick and Amy for a family friendly event!”

~Author Suzanna Lynn

Penned Con St. Louis has been in a word AMAZING!!!
Met incredible authors and delightful readers, sat in on interesting panels, and a truly wonderful couple who pull this all together (major shout out to Rick & Amy Miles ofRed Coat PR)
Looking forward to next year!!”

~Author Isabell Peterson

“I had such an awesome weekend at PennedCon being around other people who love books as much as I do!! The best part was how encouraging several of the authors were about my own writing!! I can’t wait for the day that I come to PennedCon as an author!!”

~Aspiring Author Jessica Broglin

“Penned Con was such a great experience! I had wonderful conversations with so many writers. Independent authors are stretching these genres with their imaginative spins and contributing so much to the literary world. I cannot wait to dive into these books!
Thank you so much, Rick and Amy Miles, for putting together such a fantastic event!”

~Attendee Teresa McCammon-Asche

“My first Penned Con…. my first ever event. Had to leave Friday due to some health issues so I didn’t get to see and meet you all. However, as a reader and blogger this first experience will forever live in my heart. It was an honor and a privilege and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

~Blogger Laura Hernandez

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