Welcome to Penned Con 2017!!!

Welcome to the home of PENNED CON, where we bring authors and readers together for the chance to mingle, have fun and raise money for Autism. We are gearing up for our 4th year and wow, are we ever excited!  From inspiring keynote speakers, informative panels and workshops, 2 full days of book signing access with over 150 authors, our first ever VIP Pajama party, Red Coat PR DJ party with our very own Lip Sync Battle, a wild and crazy Author vs. Reader Nerf Gun war,  and a Casino Night awards party, the fun never stops!

A massive thank you goes out to everyone who participated in our 2016 event. With over 150 authors and 952 attendees, you have helped us to raise over $30,000 in the past three years for our charity scholarship with Action for Autism. We continue to be blown away by your generosity!

Want to know what a book convention like Penned Con looks like? Check out this video to see what awaits you in 2017!!

PENNED CON 2017 dates are September 29/30 and author signing tables are SOLD OUT. To be added to our wait list please visit us HERE.





53 thoughts on “Welcome to Penned Con 2017!!!

    • Amy Miles says:

      Yes. We will have a registration table open all day. If it is not being manned at the exact time you arrive there will be volunteers on hand that will be able to help you

  1. Donna Riemann says:

    I purchased tickets sometime ago. Since then my Yahoo account was compromised in the great yahoo hacking of 2014. I have no way if obtaining my tickets or information. Can it be resent, please.

  2. Julie says:

    Okay, i have one more question 🙂
    I will not be staying at the hotel but will need to park there. what are the fees for parking?

  3. catlover415 says:

    Amy, I know you must be exhausted after the last few days, which were incredibly put together, but I was in the lobby this evening and was told by a lady after we exchanged names, that perhaps I was the Dana that left a signed book from Abby Glines. I had no idea but I can confirm it was me after taking inventory to ensure my book was not in my goody bags. I don’t know if there is anyway to leave it with the hotel and I’ll pick it up, if it can be located at this time. It completely slipped my mind at the Awards ceremony to ask someone about it. It seemed to be my M.O. leaving books behind as I had several people remind me throughout the day to take my books with me. I attribute it to all the excitement rather than loss of my mind. LOL!

    Thanks for an awesome 1st book convention for me, absolutely loved it!

  4. Donna Ash says:

    We just got our tickets for July 2015.☺ I never been to one before so I was wondering if we can bring our books in or do we buy them there. Thank you.

    • Amy Miles says:

      You are welcome to do either. The authors will have books on hand to sell but you are welcome to bring ones that you have prepurchased with you

  5. karen chappell says:

    If i buy 2 day tickets , do i need to come thurs to register? Or is it on fri?
    Can i buy just a masquerade ball ticket for my husband, he has to work , but wants to escort me ?
    Do the authors have deal on their books purchased there?
    Sorry amy I need a guide of what we do , cause ive we never been to a signing and I’m so excited!,

    • Amy Miles says:

      If you purchase the two day tickets you are welcome to come to tge preregister on thursday if that best fits your schedule or come earlier on friday morning. Either time is perfectly fine. Yes, you can select the ball ticket only for your husband. You are welcome to preorder books (see the link on the website), purchase books agead of time to be signed or buy at the event. Most authors will sell their paperbacks lower than what you can get on amazon or bundle sets together.
      Please feel free to ask any questions you may have! Looking forward to seeing you in July!

  6. karen chappell says:

    Ok This one’s kinda superficial!
    What is the attire most wear? Jeans and tshirt? Or dressy casual?
    And am i gonna look like a total newbie if i drag a wheeled back back around?!

    • Amy Miles says:

      Not at all. It is dar easier to carry your books that way. You will NOT be alone in that.
      Dress for the event is casual. Some authors will dress up while others wear jeans. Just come comfy

  7. karen chappell says:

    I have seen pics of tables authors set up with swag, is it free or all for sale?
    Just t ring to figure how much spendi g money to bring!

    • Amy Miles says:

      Most of the swag will be free. Some authors will bring additional items for sale: tshirts, necklaces, etc but they should have prices on them to indicate that

  8. karen chappell says:

    When we prerequisite on thurs, do we get a list of which authors will be there on fri and sat or r just a list of one’s there at all? And there are workshops right?
    Are they included in our ticket price?
    Ready to quit seeing my questions yet?! LoL!

    • Amy Miles says:

      We keep the website updated as best we can. Those final days there tend to be unexpected illness or travel issues so we cant update immediately. An author table list will be posted before the event so it will be easy for you to find the authors you want to meet. The authors will be there all day boths days so you will have plenty of time to meet and greet

  9. karen chappell says:

    Do you know which stop on metrolink will be the one i invited get off at for shortest walking distance to the Sheridan?

    • Amy Miles says:

      The metro stops directly across the street from the hotel. Im not exactly sure of the stop name off the top of my head but it should be spruce street or scott trade center. The union station stop is one past

  10. Chong Lor says:

    I just realized Mary Ting and Alexandra Weis is there with my favorite Holly Kelly!!! I’d love to go to this! It would be my first convention and to meet my favorite authors would be a dream come true!!!! Thank you for posting this Mrs. Kelly! You just made my day!

    • Amy Miles says:

      If you have tickets you are welcome to register saturday morning. We will have volunteer staff on hand to get you sorted.

  11. Mary smith says:

    I forgot to ask – How do I know if I have already ordered a book from an author. It would be Kimberly Knight

    • Amy Miles says:

      The schedule page link has all of the start and finish times, along with panel info. There is a patking garage at the hotel as well as additionsl parking in the rear and spill over parking just down the street

  12. kisajtoo13 says:

    Is the st louis city center hotel the same as the shera^on?
    What street is that on, and do we need a parking pass to park there?
    is the ball at same location?
    do you know if the ramp construction is going to be a problem if im coming from illinois?

    • Amy Miles says:

      Yes the Sheraton has been bought out and until they determine the new brand it is called the st. Louis city center hotel. There is a parking garage on site so no pass will be needed. The ball will be located on the 13th floor along with the rest of the event.
      Im not sure about road construction but we will be traveling that way tomorrow so i will respond and let you know 🙂

      • kisajtoo13 says:

        Thank you Amy for tv clear i g that up! I am getting so excited for my first event like this, that I’m starting to panic a bit. Just want to make sure my ducks are in a row!

  13. kisajtoo13 says:

    What time is registration tmrw morning (sat)?
    I wish i was coming to the red coat party tonite!, but by the time I get checked in and all, it will be after 8. Where is the party held at?
    also will there be food at the ball or do we need to eat before?

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